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A 90-year-old man drove his pickup truck
off the road and straight into a house
by Nathan'ette Burdine: July 22, 2018

From henceforth, anyone who’s 90-years-old or older will be given a chauffeur.

These 90-year-olds have proven over and over again that driving is something they should not do.

Case in point, a 90-year-old North Dakota man by the name of Ardell Johnson got into his pickup truck one evening and went on down the road. He was doing pretty good there, for a while.

He didn’t hit anybody. He didn’t hit any animals. And he didn’t hit anything. But once the little ol’ fella saw a field, something happened. I think the field reminded him of the days, back in the 40s and 50s, when the young folks back then would go out into the fields just to pass the time.

They’ll do things like, run, jump over the fences, climb the trees, throw mud on each other, and roll around in the mud.

Nowadays, the young folks just stay locked up in their rooms, with that iPhone, social mediaing (I meant to spell that like that) somebody.

The young folks get on that Twitter, that Facebook, that YouTube, that Instagram and talk to folks.

That’s what they do. Back then, all the young folks had was one phone that came in one color, black.

That rotary phone let you do two things, send calls out and accept calls in. Today, that phone does a lot of things. It tweets. It Facebooks. It takes pictures. It records folks. It shows movies.

One thing’s fo’ sho,’ that iPhone is waaayyy advanced than that black rotary phone they had back in 1942.

Living during our time is new for a 90-year-old man who was born in 1928. So when he saw that field, he most likely wanted to go to something he recognized; something that could take him back to simpler times.

That field reminded that little ol’ man of the things he did during his youth back in ’42.

It’s like the field was calling out to him, “Come here Ardell. Ardell, come here. Don’t be afraid. Come on Ardell.”

That’s what happens to a lot of ol’ folks. They start hearing stuff. Once they start hearing stuff, they go towards the direction of the voice they’re hearing.

And that’s what most likely happen to poor ol’ Mr. Johnson there. He most likely heard some voices, turn the steering wheel, went into the field, and then into somebody’s house.

Luckily for the folks in the house, they didn’t end up becoming a causality of the elderly’s driving.

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