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About 100 marines raced to save a group of
old folks whose apartment went up in a blaze
by Nathan'ette Burdine: September 22, 2018

Our marines are the best! “The best,” I tell ya! About 100 young marine women and men raced to a nearby apartment complex to help carry some old folks out to safety, away from the blazing inferno that had consumed the apartment complex.

For Captain Trey Gregory , it was just instincts. They heard folks were in danger and he and the other 99 marines didn’t ask any questions.

They just got up and ran over to the apartment complex to do what they could do.

“We all went in there to carry people out,” is what the young captain told the NBC Washington folks.

The fire started on Wednesday night. The smoke from the fire was so thick that folks could barely see in the rooms and down the halls in the apartment complex.

A woman who spoke with the NBC Washington folks said she had to help out her grandmother, who’s wheelchair bound, get through all of that smoke.

And y’all know how that smoke is. It’ll burn your eyes, your skin, having you choking and everything.

“That thick smoke is some bad stuff,” I tell ya, “some bad stuff.” No one has said what caused the fire.

There were four people who were hospitalized. Everybody’s expected to survive.

I've placed a tweet down yonder ways for y'all to look at. The tweet is from a working mom by the name of...wait a minute...I'll get it. Her name is...hold on a second. 

Oh, here it is. Here name is, Lyndsey Medsker. She has little boys, a hound dog, and a husband to take care of.

She has a real good job working as a principal over at Clear Skies Strategic Communications. 

I'm quite sure that her children, the dog, and her husband are grateful for her job. With that type of job, everybody, including the hound dog, in the house can have their own Netflix and Comcast accounts. Mm-hmm.

Y'all go on there and look at that tweet. Mm-hmm.

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