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Andrew Rannells told Stephen Colbert
he's not the nine to five type of fella
by Nathan'ette Burdine: March 15, 2019

Andrew Rannells is not the nine to five type of fella. During a sit down on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (LSSC), the Book of Mormon actor told Stephen Colbert that he was no different than any other artist who had to suffer a nine to five job before he made it on the Great White Way.

    "Tell me about the suffering because you always have to suffer as
     an artist, right?" Colbert asked Rannells.

    "So much suffering. It was a lot of suffering," Rannells responded.

    "Did you do the classic stuff? Did you wait tables? Colbert asked

    "No, I was terrible at day jobs. I would work at like one place for
     like a night," said Rannells.

Rannells just couldn’t take all of that heat, sweat, and stinking feet. Work just wasn’t the thing for him to do.

Rannells told Colbert, "I worked at a restaurant. I lived with my best friend Suzanna up by Columbia and there’s a restaurant called Nacho Mama’s and I worked there for one daaayyy. I went and I trained and they were like, 'Oh, he’s going to be fine,' like I could be a host and that’s fine and then I just never went back.”

Rannells said that many folks think he just woke up one morning with the blessing of fame from the Gods. But, unh-unh, things weren’t that easy for him. He had to work. In fact, he even had to work for several one days before he made it.

Rannells said, "A lot of people think that I was just hatched out of an egg during the Book of Mormon. But I was like, 'No, I was just like kicking around for a helluva long time.'”

And it's true, that "kicking around for a helluva long time" part always gets skipped over.

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