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Annabelle 3 HD Trailers Upcoming YouTube screenshot 

Annabelle scares the shit out of me!
by Nathan'ette Burdine: May 1, 2018

I’ma just come out and say it, “Annabelle scares the shit out of me.” I mean…she’s worse than Chucky.

At least Chucky talks. This chick doll here doesn’t say nothing. She just sits there, looks at you, and then she kills you.

That’s what she did to Alfre Woodward’s character Evelyn in the first Annabelle. Annabelle pushed her out of the window. She ain’t coming back.

Another reason Annabelle scares the shit out of me is because unlike Chucky, she’s real. That’s what the paranormal investigators the Warrens said.

In fact, Annabelle is based on their story about the doll. So yeah, don’t make Annabelle mad. She’ll kill yo’ ass.

But don’t let that fact stop y’all from going to the theater later on this year or next year and watching the sequel to Annabelle: Creation.

I’m sure it will scare the hell out of y’all!

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