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Late Show with Stephen Colbert July 24, 2017 Youtube Screenshot             

Anthony Scaramucci and Jared
Kushner are The Mooch and
The Cooch
by Nathan'ette Burdine: July 25, 2017

Ol’ Stephen Colbert there has given the tag team of Anthony Scaramucci and Jared Kushner a name, The Mooch and The Cooch.

Scaramucci was given the nickname, The Mooch, before he joined the Trump Administration as the White House communications director; a job which has placed a now happy Sean Spicer in the soon-to-be unemployment line.

Although The Cooch’s job title is that of advisor to the president, his real job is everything from secretary of defense, secretary of treasury, FBI Director, CIA Director, secretary of state, vice president, and even the president when those golden showers are allegedly going on.

Take a gander down below to see Stephen Colbert talk about The Mooch and The Cooch.

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