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Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama came somewhat close to Hillary Clinton in a fantasy poll
by Nathan'ette Burdine: October 26, 2016

Last year, Former President Bill Clinton and First Lady Michele Obama were the only two who came somewhat close to Hillary Clinton in a fantasy poll conducted by Reuters.

The poll showed that the former secretary of state easily beat everyone, including her husband and the current first lady, easily.

And although the former president only received 26% and Mrs. Obama received 20% to the former secretary of state’s 51%, the poll does have some good news for the former president and the current first lady.

The good news is that in a poll that included George Clooney, Jon Stewart, and Oprah Winfrey, Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama ranked higher than they did.

This means that with all the star power the previous three had, it still wasn’t enough to make-up for the political star power that Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama have.

Are you following? Now, just think about another star, former Celebrity Apprentice host Donald J. Trump, who is giving Hillary Clinton a run for her money and is only five-percentage points down nationally.

Just imagine if Mr. Clinton and/or Mrs. Obama had decided to throw their name in the hat. The chances are that Hillary Clinton would not be carrying the flaming blue torch to the finish line.

Mr. Clinton and Mrs. Obama have something that Mrs. Clinton doesn’t have, which is excellent speaking skills.

And when you take that fact plus the fact that the former president and current first lady are natural born politicians, I doubt that Mrs. Clinton would have had her turn at being the first Madam President of the United States.

I’m aware that Mrs. Obama doesn’t admit to having political skills. However, her refusal to admit that she is a natural born politician doesn’t erase the fact that she is a natural born politician.

So even with Mr. Clinton throwing his name in the hat, the title of Madam President would have gone to Michelle Obama.

If you don’t believe me, just go to YouTube and watch one of her speeches. I’m more than certain you'll change your mind.

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