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Bill Maher let Jeff Sessions know that state
rights go both ways
by Nathan'ette Burdine: September 21, 2017

Bill Maher let U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions know that state rights swing both ways.

And when I say swings both ways I mean the blue states of California and Massachusetts have the same rights as the red states of Georgia and Texas.

Maher reminded the attorney general who is a Dixie Crat Southerner and staunch supporter of state rights that just as his home state of Alabama can vote to place the Ten Commandments in state buildings, so can Maher’s home state of California vote to legalize gay marriage and marijuana smoking; as well as making the state a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants.

Maher said, “We believe in sanctuary cities and pollution controls and legalize pot and gun control and Obamacare and a woman’s right to choose and we’re going to defend them… Here in our state, we use tiki torches the way they suppose to be used; for lesbian weddings on the beach… They got them an attorney general up there in Washington by the name of Jeff Sessions and he said and I quote, ‘Good people don’t smoke marijuana.’ Well there are good people here Mr. Attorney General and sometimes we just want to sit on our porch and watch our grass grow. ”

And getting high is what Californians love to do.

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