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Pedestrian Traffice;
Toronto's crosswalks are
a dangerous place for
pedestrians to be
Canada Goose Toronto Jacket;
Canada Goose designed that $1,500
jacket for folks with money
Audrey Shoeman;
Cold temperatures kept a woman's body
from deterioating, allowing doctors to bring her back from a six-hour death

Canada Goose Toronto Jacket;

Canada Goose Toronto Jacket

Canada Goose designed that
$1,500 jacket for folks with money
by Nathan'ette Burdine: January 14, 2020

Y’all know it’s true that Canada Goose designed that $1,500 “weather jacket” just so that folks with money will be safe whenever they are walking the dangerous streets of Toronto.

It’s no secret. Everybody knows that in Toronto you’re more likely to die from a hit and run than you are from a heart attack. Just last year, there were over 30 people killed because they dared to use their feet to walk Toronto’s streets.

And folks, I know that for a lot of y’all that anything less than a 1,000 is nothing. But whenever you’re talking about human beings, running down more than one person in a year says there’s a problem.

Canada Goose, though, says all they’re doing is helping folks look good while walking in the rain; which would be believable if it weren’t for the safety strap on the back and the reflective cuffs and webbings that help the driving folks to see the walking folks.

The Canada Goose folks see dollar signs. Cha-ching, cha-ching, cha- ching! They know those crazy drivers flying like a bat out of hell don’t discriminate. They’ll run over a woman dressed to the hilt in Gucci and Versace just as fast as they’ll run over a woman wearing Levi jeans and a Jordache T-shirt. Canada Goose saw a market and decided to act on it.

Believe me you when I tell you that the folks with money are going to buy that $1,500 “weather jacket” because they want to stay upright.

As for the broke folks, well, you know, sometimes you have to take the risk of walking to the corner store.


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