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Chris Watts mama doesn't believe he's the "sociopath" living next door who'll kill his
entire family
by Nathan'ette Burdine: November 26, 2018

American golden boy Chris Watts stood before a judge and pleaded guilty to the most heinous crimes a human being could commit.

Watts told a judge that he is indeed guilty of killing his pregnant wife Shanann Watts (34), their two young daughters Bella (4) and Celeste (2); as well as burying his pregnant wife Shanann Watts’ body in a shallow grave and then throwing his two young daughters’ Bella (4) and Celeste (2) bodies into an oil storage tank.

Yet, Chris Watts’ mama, Cindy Watts , wants folks to believe that the child she gave birth to and raised didn’t grow up to become “the sociopath next door” who’ll kill his pregnant wife and two young daughters.

The folks over at 9NEWS said Cindy Watts told them about the child she gave birth to and raised, “He’s not the sociopath next door. He’s not a psychopath.”

Before I go on, I must say that I understand why Cindy Watts doesn’t want to believe her baby grew up to become a murderer who killed his pregnant wife and two daughters.

That says it’s something wrong within she and her husband to the point that they would produce a murderer who killed his own family.

Oh yeah, before I forget, she and her husband have another child, a daughter, who hasn’t done what Killer Chris did.

As I was saying, “Nobody wants to deal with the fact that her child has killed somebody because it weighs heavy on the brain and a person begins questioning what she did wrong to make her child just be wrong.”

Cindy Watts let the folks over at 9NEWS know that is indeed something that is weighing heavily on her mind, “That scares me to death. It scares me to death to think that he could have done all of this. And I don’t wanna go there. I don’t wanna go there now.”

The chances are she’ll never “go there” because she’ll have to deal with the fact that her son grew up to get the name murderer attached to his name after he killed his entire family and threw them away like “bottom” trash.

Killer Chris threw his family away so dirty that his mama said she had to ask herself, “…would a normal person put-dispose of the bodies the way he did.”

Normal folks don’t do that there. Normal folks just leave, pay alimony, and pay child support. That’s what normal folks do.

But Killer Chris isn’t normal and his mama knows it. Knowing deep down that her son Killer Chris got that name because he killed his pregnant wife, two daughters, and then threw them away like swap meat trash is a heavy load for Cindy Watts to carry on her soul.

Having said that, it wasn’t loss on me that Killer Chris’ mama Cindy Watts took time to bad mouth her dead daughter-in-law in what appeared to me to be an effort on Cindy Watts’ part to say that Shannan did something to push her, Cindy Watts’, “sociopath, psychopath” son, Killer Chris, over the edge to the point that he would even kill the babies.

As an example of how Shannan “could be,” Cindy Watts told the 9NEWS folks about why she didn’t go to the wedding back in 2012: “We didn’t attend because Shanann and I just couldn’t get along. I didn’t like the way she treated him.” Keep in mind, Cindy Watts didn’t say she wasn’t invited. She and her husband just didn’t go because she “didn’t like the way she (Shanann) treated him (Killer Chris).”

Inquiring minds want to know why Cindy Watts and her husband couldn’t just place their feelings aside, smile, and be there for their son? One wonders?

Shanann did end up giving them three grand-children. A person can at least pretend like they like their grand-children’s mama.

That’s another thing. If Shanann was so bad, why is it that Cindy Watts was able to interact with her grand-children so to the point that she knew their personalities?

A person can’t tell somebody about somebody if she doesn’t know anybody. Yet, Cindy Watts was able to tell 9NEWS about her grand-daughters, “Bella was just like Chris. Just, just like him-shy, cautious, conservative. CeCe was a ball of fire. I mean she was fearless-completely fearless. She just love to run, run, run, run, run.”

How did Cindy Watts know all of that about her grand-daughters if she and the mama didn’t get along?

One thing I do know is that a mother won’t let anybody around her children who she doesn’t like; not the daddy, the grand-parents, nobody!

Therefore, Cindy Watts’ image of Shanann Watts as the controlling, overbearing wife just isn’t adding up. But what is adding up is just like his mama, Chris Watts likes to blame everybody else for his problems; just like he tried to blame Shanann Watts for her own death and the death of their children.

He’s the one who told investigators that he killed his wife because she killed the children. At least, that’s what several of these news folks said that he said. And they don’t have any reason to lie. They don’t have any dog in this fight.

But Cindy Watts has a dog in this fight. She can’t take the fact that she gave birth and raised a child who grew up to kill and throw away his family like they were swamp sewer. That’s what she has to deal with.

She also has to deal with the fact that her son is a cheater. Nichol Kessinger dated Killer Chris during the summer.

She said he told her that his family was “gone.” Kessinger looked at that and at him and decided one and one wasn’t adding up to two.

Here’s what Kessinger said, “He made me believe that he was doing all of the things that a good father would do…I thought, ‘If he was able to lie to me and hide something that big, what else was he lying about?’”

And y’all know that ol’ saying, “If you’ll lie, you’ll cheat. If you’ll cheat, you’ll steal. If you’ll steal, you’ll kill.”

Killer Chris did all of that. He lied about being faithful. He lied to his woman about what had happened to his family. He cheated on his wife with his woman. He stole his wife’s and children’s lives when he killed them. That’s what Killer Chris did.

Unfortunately for Cindy Watts, her attempt to bad mouth her grandchildren’s mother doesn’t look good for her. The truth is in the pudding. And what that pudding is saying is that just like her son, Killer Chris, Cindy Watts is attempting to place blame on Shanann Watts for her own death and the death of the children.

What would y’all call it when somebody starts blaming her son’s then fiancé’s personality for why she didn’t go to the wedding?

As that ol’ saying goes, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!”

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