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David Letterman is back!
by Nathan'ette Burdine: August 9, 2017

David Letterman is coming back! Deadline reported that Letterman will be hosting a new talk show on Netflix that is scheduled to air in 2018.

There will be six-episodes, each an hour long. During these hour long episodes, Letterman will be talking to folks about whatever is on his mind.

And according to The Hollywood Reporter, two topics that are on his mind are North Korea and Donald Trump.

The Hollywood Reporter reported that Letterman said he will like to interview North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un.

Are you thinking about The Interview with Seth Rogen and James Franco? Ha, it would be funny!

Letterman told The Hollywood Reporter that he wants to ask Jong-un questions about his haircut and why he hates Chicago so much.

Letterman also said he wants to know why former Chicago Bulls star Dennis Rodman can head over to North Korea but he can’t.

As for Trump, Letterman said that folks need to stop asking why Trump behaves the way he does and instead try to focus on getting Trump his walking papers.

Letterman told The Hollywood Reporter, “We don’t need to keep examining it day after day after day. What we need now is somebody like myself to sit down with him and calmly get him to sign some papers and then have him leave the White House.” Sounds good! However, I doubt that will happen.

Overall, Letterman is excited about his new gig at Netflix. Letterman told Deadline, “I feel excited and lucky to be working on this project for Netflix. Here’s what I have learned: If you retire to spend more time with your family, check with your family first. Thanks for watching. Drive safely.” Yeah, “drive safely” everyone and don’t forget to watch ol’ Dave Letterman there on Netflix in 2018.

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