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Daylight Savings Time is today
by Nathan'ette Burdine: November 5, 2017

Hey there folks! Today is the day. Yeah, that’s right. It’s “Daylight Savings Time!” The time to set your microwave and car clocks back one hour.

Now, I say set your microwave and car clocks back one hour because the cell phones, computers, iPads and iPods will automatically go back. Technology, it’s good for something.

So don’t worry! Y’all’s shows will be coming on at the same time.
The Walking Dead at 9, Curb Your Enthusiasm at 10, and Vice Principals at 10:30. Everything will be the same.

So, if you’ve forgotten to set your clock back, don’t worry, just look at your cell phone and it’ll tell you the right time of day it is. Cheerios!

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