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Did CNN tell Don Lemon to cut the fool on New Years so the network could get good ratings?
by Nathan'ette Burdine: January 13, 2017

A question folks need to ask is, “Did CNN tell Don Lemon to cut the fool so they could get good ratings?”

They did, after all, have Lemon and the rest of the crew doing a New Year’s live event from The Spotted Cat Music Club in New Orleans, Louisiana.

And anyone with an ounce of sense knows that when you put grown folks in a club, on New Year’s Eve, that has music and alcohol there’s bound to be a whole lot of drinking and gyrating going on.

And the one thing Lemon did a lot of was drinking and gyrating. In fact, he did so much drinking and gyrating that he became a trending topic on Twitter.

Angie Murray tweeted, “Don Lemon hammered, standing on bar taking tequila shots is best reporting I’ve seen on CNN all year.”

Kate Spencer tweeted that Don Lemon being drunk and his telling folks he needs somebody to love was a sign to her that “2017 is going way better than expected.”

For his part, Lemon didn’t deny that he was drunk. During CNN’s airing of Lemon’s crunk up night, Lemon told folks, “People are saying that I’m lit…Yeah, I’m lit.”

So yes, CNN knew what they were getting into when they put Lemon and the rest of the crew in a club, down in New Orleans, with music and tequila.

Before Lemon even got the party started, he let everybody know what was going on. Lemon tweeted, “#CNN producers and @brookebcnn trying to convince me to get a tattoo or a piercing of some sort. Should I?”

He then quickly followed that tweet up with, “Did I mention said tattoo or piercing w/@BrookeBCNN is supposed to happen live w/@kathygriffin & @andersoncooper?”

Now, this begs the question of why would Don Lemon tweet that CNN producers and Brooke Baldwin were encouraging him to get either a tatt or a piercing and that it was going to be shown live with Brooke Baldwin, Kathy Griffin, and Anderson Cooper, when CNN had nothing to do with Don Lemon’s drunken night?

Yeah, it is what it is. And what it is is CNN trying to boost its ratings. Luckily for the network, it did get a ratings jump with the all so important young folks demographics.

TV Newser alerted folks to this with the headline, “CNN Delivers Its Best New Year’s Eve Ratings Ever.”

So yeah, Don Lemon getting “lit,” lit up CNN’s ratings and gave the network the “Best New Year’s Eve Ratings Ever” among young folks, 18-34 years-old.

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