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Under the Radar
Hahaha, take that
you aliens! MOXIE got
us humans breathable oxygen from Mars'
carbon dioxide rich atmosphere!
Totaled out Maserati SUV under a California freeway;
Man fleeing the police driving over 100 mph crashes girlfriend's Maserati SUV under
the freeway
Death has decided that 82 years is all Bernie Madoff will get in this life;
Death refused to let Bernie Madoff serve
out his 150-year prison sentence

Dog crashed golf cart;

Dog crashed golf cart

Dog crashed golf cart into SUV
and kiddie pool
by Nathan'ette Burdine: November 2, 2021

A dog decided he needed something to do. So he got up, went outside, hopped in the golf cart, and took it for a ride. He was doing really good at first. He backed out the golf cart, stopped, and then turned the golf cart in the direction he wanted to head in.

For about 5, maybe 10 seconds, he was doing pretty good. But then, the SUV and kiddie pool refused to get out of his way. The SUV sustained some scratches, while the kiddie pool had to be haul off to the ER.

The dog and golf cart are ok, but the dog isn’t too happy about the SUV and kiddie pool getting in the way of his drive. He has retained an attorney, Rufus Ruff Ruff, who will be filing a civil suit against the SUV and kiddie pool for reckless endangerment while standing still.

The SUV and kiddie pool have not responded to request for comments.


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