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Actor Don Cheadle

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Don Cheadle and Stephen Colbert
talked about the jobs they had
before they became famous
by Nathan'ette Burdine: February 23, 2019

On Friday, Don Cheadle stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and the two ended up talking about the jobs they had before they became famous.

Cheadle worked in a burger joint, and ol’ Colbert there sold futons for a living over there in Chicago.

    Cheadle said to Colbert, “I mean I was a student, basically. I had
    just gotten out of school. And I was hustling, trying to get a job
    as an actor. When the stock market crashed, I was like ‘Oh, that’s
    a trip. Do you want fries with that?’” 

    Colbert then told Cheadle about his futon selling days, “I was
    selling futons for a living, in Chicago, on Belmont Avenue.”

    “I had a futon. I may have had one of your futons at that age,”
     Cheadle jokingly said to Colbert.

Now, folks will think that two fellas who graduated college during the 80s, when the economy was booming, should’ve had something better.

Something better like working in the burger joint’s corporate office, or selling futon stocks on Wall Street.

Looking at what po’ ol Cheadle and Colbert there had to do in order to make a living makes a person understand why selling drugs was the job that so many college graduates during that time ended up doing.

Sure, a person worked all kinds of hours and the boss actually fired you when he fired you.

But the money was good and a person didn’t have to share his apartment with rats and roaches or go back home and sleep in his little brother’s hot wheel car bed.

Don’t get me wrong, now. I’m not saying y’all should go sell drugs. That’ll easily get y’all put in prison and or dead. And the one thing I do know is that when a person is locked up or buried down, he can’t turn his dreams into a reality.

All I’m saying is that I understand it’s hard to have hope when things are still the way they were some 30 years ago when Cheadle and Colbert were trying to make it.

Y’all get tired of looking at the fact that y’all ain’t got a college degree, but the college degree got y’all.

And the only job y’all can get is saying, “Welcome to McDonalds, will you like to try our two for two fish filet special today?”

Or, y’all are working for Mr. Tom at his furniture store, Reynold’s Furniture, for a mere $7.30 per hour.

Times are still hard. I know. Don’t fall into temptation, though. Temptation will grab a hold of ya’ and never let go!

Keep on moving forward. Don’t sell drugs or y’all’s “goodies.” Just know that the one good thing that y’all can take from all of this is that if y’all come up with a plan to make y’all’s dreams a reality, like Don Cheadle and Stephen Colbert did, then y’all can look back at those hard times with a smile and not a frown.

Hard work and smart planning always pays off.

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