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Donald Trump and the Republicans received thoughts and prayers following their party's election losses
by Nathan'ette Burdine: November 8, 2017

Donald Trump and the Republicans received thoughts and prayers after the Republicans lost in several state wide elections last night.

On Tuesday night, Trump and the Republicans got their biggest test on just how far Trumpism will take them. The end result was, welp, not that good.

The nationalist, haterade philosophy failed miserably. Folks decided that an America that became a Horror Story was not an America they wanted to live in.

So, the Democrats got up and did for the local and state candidates what they didn’t do for Hillary Clinton.

They all got up and voted. As a result of folks getting up and going to the polls, Danica Roem became the nation’s first transgender woman elected to state office.

In fact, the Democrats were drowning in good news from Virginia last night. The Dems held onto the governor and lieutenant governor’s post. Dems were also able to take over the House, in the state legislature, by winning 32 seats.

When asked why Virginia was such a blessing, Virginia House Minority Leader David J. Toscano simply said Donald J. Trump.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch quoted Toscano as saying, “The day after the Trump election, it began raining candidates for us in Virginia.”

And “raining candidates” in Virginia it did do. Virginians saw folks like a high school government and history teacher, Schuyler T. VanValkenburg, and an assistant professor of Anthropology, Debra H. Rodman, at a local university winning.

The state will also have its second black American, newly elected Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, to serve a statewide position.

He will be serving alongside newly elected Gov. Ralph Northam, who was the lieutenant governor under Terry McAuliffe.

The first black American to serve in a statewide position in Virginia was Lawrence Douglas Wilder, who served as governor from 1990 to 1994.

The good news wasn’t just for Virginia.  It was also for North Carolina, Washington, New Jersey, New York, and Georgia.

In North Carolina, Vi Lyles became the first black American to serve as mayor of Charlotte. While over in the state of Washington, Manka Dhingra became the first Sikh American woman to be elected to the state legislature.

Democrats were able to take back the governor’s seat in New Jersey after former U.S. Ambassador to Germany Phil Murphy won easily; defeating Gov. Chris Christie’s Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno by double-digits.

New Jersey also got its first black American to serve as lieutenant governor after Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver won.

She will have to resign from her position in the state legislature in order to serve as lieutenant governor.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio was another blessing for Democrats. A couple of years ago, de Blasio looked like a goner.

His back ‘n’ forth with the NYPD was not going good. Folks just knew he would be primaried and out the door.

He was primaried but he didn’t get put out the mayor’s house. Bill de Blasio beat his opponent, Nicole Malliotakis, so bad that it was sad. His thrashing of Malliotakis helped him to become the first Democrat to serve as mayor to win a second term in over 30 years.

Georgia was another surprise. If y’all remember, Karen Handel won a special election in the state; beating Jon Ossoff. That one gave the Democrats a headache for days.

But low and behold, things are turning around. The Democrats managed to gain three seats in the state legislature.

There are folks who are asking the also important question of why are any of these local and state elections important?

Welp, the answer is simple. The state is where the rules are written for those running in congressional and the presidential races.

So all of that gerrymandering, the redrawing of the lines all wrong around districts, are less likely to occur under the Democrats’ control.

This means that the chances will be greater of having an even playing field for Republicans and Democrats who are running for federal office.

Yep, everything begins at the local and state level. And the Democrats are laying that foundation with their wins last night.

Republicans are taking notice and are shaking in their boots. Donald Trump, however, is not taking credit for the beating he and his party were forced to wear last night.

Trump tweeted:

But nobody is paying that any never mind because they know what is happening is that history is repeating itself.

And just as former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama got a rude awakening about just how strong their popularity really was, President Donald Trump is getting the same reality.

It’s just that he refuses to see it. But we the People see it, and it is why so many of us are laughing at him and sending him mock condolences for his loss last night. Ha!

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