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North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un;
Indications are that
North Korea is giving
fake news to reporters
and intelligence agents
on purpose
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi;
Nancy Pelosi told the Democrats they can't impeach Donald Trump without the help of the Senate Republicans
Robert Mueller Donald Trump;
Robert Mueller makes it clear that Donald Trump isn't being charged with a crime because he's the president

Donald Trumps and Bernie Sanders;

Not my photo 

Donald Trump says Hillary
Clinton did not treat Bernie
Sanders with respect
by Nathan'ette Burdine: February 19, 2019

During a brief talk with the press today, Donald Trump told everybody he believes Hillary Clinton did Bernie Sanders wrong.

Here’s how Trump put it, “He ran great four years ago. And he was not treated with respect by Clinton and that was too bad. I thought what happened to Bernie Sanders four years ago was quite sad as it pertains to our country.”

It’s true. Many folks on ol’ Bernie Sanders side believe they were cheated out of a chance to face the Teflon Don.

I must say that all kinds of crazy things did happen. Crazy things like Donna Brazil slipping Hillary Clinton the debate questions, Hillary Clinton and her crew falsely accusing Bernie Sanders’ crew of stealing their data.

Some of y’all probably don’t remember the last one. That one happened between October and November of 2015.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) cut Sanders’ crew off in order to investigate Clinton’s crew accusation that he was illegally gaining access to their data.

Sanders’ crew was cleared and given access to the DNC’s data on democratic voters again.

Fast forward two years later, we all found out that it was in fact not Sanders, but Hillary Clinton’s arch nemesis Vladimir Putin who was stealing the DNC’s data.

The Russia investigation is still going on. Hillary Clinton stopped walking in the roads and started speaking to folks again. And Bernie Sanders is running for president again. All is well.

Oh, before I forget, Trump also said he really, really likes Sanders: “I like Bernie…I wish Bernie well. It will be interesting to see how he does.”

That’s what Trump said.

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