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Donald Trump was pouting when he was
sitting next to Chris Christie
by Nathan'ette Burdine: April 10, 2017

Donald Trump (The Trumpster, Street Corner Donald, The Donald) wasn’t too happy sitting next to Chris Christie (Bridgegate Chris).

On March 29, 2016, The Trumpster introduced Bridgegate Chris as the chairman of a special commission focusing on the Opioid crisis.

As Bridgegate Chris talked about his new role in the Trump Administration, The Trumpster set with his hands clasped, his shoulders slumped, his face drooped, and his mouth poked out like a toddler who’s been forced to eat his peas.

The Trumpster’s “Daddy’s making me do this” look was a result of all the Russian shit he and his 2016 presidential campaign team are knee deep in.

And all the Russian shit Trump and his crew are knee deep in includes everything from former Trump Presidential Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort’s representation of pro-Russian groups in Ukraine, former Foreign Policy Advisor Carter Page’s demonizing the U.S. in Russia, former Campaign Advisor Roger Stone’s late night talks with Russian hacker Gucifer 2.0, to former National Security Advisor/foreign agent Michael Flynn unsuccessfully trying to snitch to the Senate Intelligence Committee about all he knows about Trump’s crew’s dealings with the Russians.

Like all of these folks, Bridgegate Chris was a member of Trump’s 2016 Presidential Campaign.

In fact, Bridgegate Chris was the first Republican Presidential candidate to gain membership into Trump’s crew.

And as a member of Trump’s crew, Bridgegate Chris got to know everybody and everything.

Unfortunately for The Trumpster, Bridgegate Chris knowing everybody and everything is not a good thing.

Bridgegate Chris is going to do what’s best for Bridgegate Chris. Considering the fact that Bridgegate Chris can still be prosecuted for the Bridgegate Scandal, it wasn’t a coincidence that on the same day that his right hand man (Bill Baroni) and right hand woman (Bridget Kelly) in the Bridgegate Scandal were sentenced to one year and 6 months in the federal pokey is also the same day that The Trumpster announced that Bridgegate Chris would be chairing a special commission on the Opioid crisis.

A reasonable person would stop and ask, “Why would a man who, less than two months ago, said that it’s his “desire” to complete serving out his term as the governor of his state all of a sudden have a change of heart?”

Welp, the only answer to that question is it was all coming down on Bridgegate Chris. Kelly has said that the truth will come out. According to David Wildstein, the truth is that Chris Christie shut down the bridge in order to get back at the Fort Lee mayor who wouldn’t support his run for governor.

Wildstein, who got himself a sweet deal with the feds, told folks that Bridgegate Chris laughed tears out of his eyes when he heard the bridge was shut-down.

Now, I know, I know, I know Wildstein turned state evidence. However, that doesn’t mean he’s lying like a cross tire.

It just means he had good enough sense to know that he better provide the evidence he had in order to save his hide.

Plus, a person can’t turn state evidence and get a good deal if his evidence doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.

Kelly, who decided to take her chances with a jury, is now a woman scorned. And anyone who knows anything about a mad woman who’s just been taken away from her children because of what she has “allegedly” done for a man knows that woman is going to find a way to get back at that man.

Yep, it’s shitsville for Bridgegate Chris. With all of this shit at his doorstep, Bridgegate Chris had only one option.

And that option was to go to the man who, at every turn, cracked on him and made him eat meatloaf in order to show his unyielding loyalty to him.

Bridgegate Chris needs protection from state and federal prosecution and The Trumpster is the only man who can provide it to him.

The problem for The Trumpster is that he couldn’t tell Bridgegate Chris no because Bridgegate Chris knows too much.

Bridgegate Chris was the chairman of The Trumpster’s transition team. This means that Bridgegate Chris had access to information about everyone and everything associated with Donald Trump and his crew.

And when I say, “access to information about everyone and everything,” I mean access to folks like Manafort, Page, Stone, Flynn, and their alleged dealings with the Russians.

There are folks who will say that Bridgegate Chris couldn’t’ve possibly gained much information about The Trumpster and his crew because he had a very short stint as the chairman of The Trumpster’s transition team.

After Kelly was found guilty of shutting down the bridge, The Trumpster decided that Bridgegate Chris had to go.

A source told the New York Post, “Trump thought it was shameful that Christie didn’t take the fall for Bridget Kelly.

Trump is really angry that Christie is sending a soccer mom to jail. He believes 100 percent that Christie was behind it all.”

Although it is true that Bridgegate Chris was in the position as chairman of The Trumpster’s transition team for a very short time, it is also true that Bridgegate Chris was a member of Trump’s crew since May 2016.

As a member of Trump’s crew, Bridgegate Chris would have information about the goings on within Trump’s presidential campaign.

And the one thing that is true about Bridgegate Chris is that he’s an expert when it comes to using the information he has about folks in order to get them to take the fall for whatever it is he has down wrong.

Just look at what happened to Kelly, Baroni, and Wildstein. Folks know that Kelly, Barroni, and Wildstein didn’t wake up one morning and say to themselves, “Maaannn, I just like looking at backup traffic. I’ma shut down that bridge today.”

Naw, they didn’t say that to themselves. Even The Trumpster knows that Kelly, Baroni, and Wildstein didn’t wake up one morning and decide to shut down the bridge because they had nothing better to do.

During one of his campaign rallies, The Trumpster told his crowd of supporters that Bridgegate Chris “totally knew” what was about to go down.

Yeah, The Trumpster knows. It’s just that The Trumpster’s in a bind and he knows Bridgegate Chris will sacrifice his mama in order to save his hide.

And the one thing The Trumpster doesn’t need right now is more shit to add onto his already knee deep Russian shit pile.

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