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Hot Cheetos and Takis;

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Eating Hot Cheetos and Takis can
lead to you needing stomach surgery
by Nathan'ette Burdine: August 28, 2018

Y’all may want to think about getting enough of those Hot Cheetos and Takis because those things can lead to y’all needing stomach surgery.

All of that saturated fat in those 8oz bags makes it hard for your stomach and small intestine to break down your food so that the nutrients can be distributed throughout your body and the waste excreted through your “backdoor.”

A young 17-year-old girl named Rene Craighead learned this lesson the hard way. Little Rene decided she’ll snack on four bags of Hot Cheetos and Takis for several weeks straight.

Her mama, who is also named Rene, told the NEWS CHANNEL 3 folks that her daughter just love those Hot Cheetos and Takis and she couldn’t get enough of them.

Mama Rene said this to the NEWS CHANNEL 3 folks , “She loves them. Every time I go out she says, ‘Bring me back some Hot Takis, bring me back some Hot Chips.’ I want to make her happy, so I brought them back.”

Welp, making her daughter “happy” by bringing her back “big bags” of Hot Cheetos and Takis led to little Rene ending up in an operating room, on an operating table, getting her gallbladder removed.

The gallbladder secretes the bile that helps the small intestine to break down your food.

The small intestine can handle lite food like bread and cereal. But when it comes to the heavyweights like the hamburgers, French fries, tacos ‘n’ nachos, ribs, potato salad, macaroni ‘n’ cheese, collard greens, and whatnot, the small intestine needs help from the gallbladder in order to break that good food down.

That bile from the gallbladder plows right through all of that fat, giving it the one, two punch, knocking it out.

But when you get rid of the gallbladder, knocking out all of that fat is pretty, pretty, pretty hard.

Don’t get me wrong, you can live a long life without your gallbladder. You’ll just have to change the way you eat.

Dr. William Brugge is a big shot gastroenterologist and one of Harvard University’s coolest associate professors in the School of Medicine. He says that fatty foods are a no, no, unless you want to have massive shits all day.

Take this lady name Laura Consolo for example. Consolo told the folks over at Everyday Health that she had to cut back on those really good fatty foods after her number twos turned into number eights.

Here’s what she said, “If I ate a lot of fatty foods, I would have a really bad stomach ache and need to run to the bathroom. It was pretty much a constant thing for a while.”

Consolo soon recognized that running with the “runs” was not the thing to do because those leaky doo-doo stains are embarrassing and it gives your carpet stains that are hard to get out.

So Consolo did the right thing and changed her diet to one that was healthier. She began eating low-fat, high fiber foods.

Dr. Yvonne Juarez calls the Hot Cheetos and Takis combo “processed fire” because of the amount of damage that it does to the young folks’ little tummies.

Dr. Juarez , who is the head of Kaiser Permanente-Fresno’s pediatrics unit, says she’s seen that “processed fire” wreak so much havoc on the young folks’ little tummies that they’ve come into the hospital all bent over into a knot, writhing in pain.

They be grimacing, crying, and everything; trying to figure out how is it that those good Hot Cheetos and Takis they heard about in that one song on YouTube can mess them up so to the point that it could knock them out.

Y’all know about that Hot Cheetos and Takis song, don’t y’all? The one Da Rich Kidzz put up on the YouTube. Here’s some of it:

        “I can’t get enough of these Hot Cheetos and Takis. Got my
         fingers stained red and I can’t get them off me. You can catch
         me and my crew eating Hot Cheetos and Takis. Snack, snack,
         snack, crunch. Snack, snack, snack, crunch, munch.”

Welp, all of that snacking, crunching, and munching will leave you hunched over on the floor.

Just ask those young folks who’ve ended up on an operating table, sedated, hooked up to IV tubes and whatnot because they liked having their little fingers stained red from those Hot Cheetos and Takis.

The good news is that Rene seems to have learned her lesson and her mama is not going to be buying her all of those Hot Cheetos and Takis just so she can end up in a hospital again, on an operating table, running up her insurance.

It’s only so much that Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, Medicaid, Medicare, and or Obamacare can do.

I put that Hot Cheetos and Takis YouTube video down there for those of y'all who want to look at it.

Hot Cheetos and Takis, try not to get any of it so you won't be in a position whereby the digestion of your food is just a little too rough for your guts.

Just say "no" to Hot Cheetos and Takis. Go on and watch that YouTube video down there.

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