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Even God gets tired of working
by Nathan'ette Burdine: August 20, 2018

Work isn’t fun. It’s not fun for the farm animals. It’s not fun for the humans. And it’s not fun for God.

I know there are those of you who want to know, “What type of work does God do?”

Simply put, God’s work is keeping up with the humans and His other creations.

God has to make sure that all of the systems are going that He has put in place in order to keep life going.

The Milky Way has to keep expanding. The sun has to keep burning and the Earth has to keep turning.

The Universe has to keep existing in order for everything and everyone on this little home planet of ours to keep living.

If any one of these things stops, then we all stop. A snap of the finger and we’ll all be gone. SNAP…gone! God has a lot to do.

And that lot to do is a lot on Him. He has to keep the Milky Way expanding, the sun burning, and the Earth turning.

God has to do daily updates to the Milky Way, the sun, and the Earth.

There’s stuff that has to be deleted, added, reprogrammed, and rebooted.

God has a lot on Him. He doesn’t have any help. Gabriel, Michael, and the rest of the angels are soldiers.

They aren’t scientists. And forget about Jesus, he’s a little magician who likes to chill all day and smoke weed.

So, he isn’t any help. Poor God, He has to do everything. What’s that?! What about Copernicus, Einstein, and Edison and them?!

They’re human! They don’t have the intellectual ability that is required to do God’s work.

A person has to have the intellect of a God in order to create and keep a universe going. They ain’t got that.

Sure, God is almighty. He’s divine. He’s the original superhero. And might I add, God’s in my top three right there with Deadpool and Spawn.

But just like it is with any superhero, all of that super will wear a hero down.

Even a god isn’t immune from just being tired of shit! I guess God can lighten the load by joining with some other gods like Athena and Buddha.

Athena is the Greek goddess of knowledge. She can help God out with all of that creation stuff and keeping it going. Buddha is all about peace and enlightenment so he can help to calm God’s nerves.
So yeah, that may work. I dunno. I’m just throwing things out there.

Oh well, back to work I go!

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