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Sex Education written on a chalk board;

Sex Education

Folks on the right are hating on
Colorado's school sex educatio
bill which includes LGBTQ groups
by Nathan'ette Burdine: March 12, 2019

Folks on the right are hating on Colorado’s school sex education bill because it includes the LGBTQ community.

The Democrats got the Republicans’ panties all up in a bunch after the Democrats in the state’s House passed the Comprehensive Human Sexuality Education bill which includes LGBTQ groups within the sex education curriculum.

The bill removes abstinence from the sex education curriculum, which, y’all can imagine, is not sitting too well with the holy rollers who want everybody to believe they didn’t go exploring the “open seas” or the “braches on the trees” until they said “I do.”

A fella by the name of Jeff Johnston is a holy roller who works as a culture and policy analyst for a Christian organization named Focus on the Family.

Johnston told Channel 9News that the new bill is simply “unconstitutional.” Johnston believes the bill is just another example of the state infringing on the right of the local school district.

“Colorado State Constitution makes it clear that local districts will control the interaction in public schools in their districts and this gives control to the state,” is what Johnston said.

The funny thing about all of this is that Johnston is trying to use the ol’ Dixiecrat argument of “state’s rights” against the state in favor of the locale in order to hide the fact that he just doesn’t want the children learning about LGBTQ families.

Folks like Johnston, who want to “Focus on the Family,” don’t take too kindly to anything dealing with the LGBTQers because they believe the LGBTQers are not in God’s plan.

And God’s plan, according to the folks on the right, is for man and woman to be humping all day like a pack of horny dogs so they can make as many children as they can to plow those fields and pick that fruit off of those trees.

Back to the days during B.C. times is where holy rollers like Johnston and his fellow Republicans want all of us to go back to.

But there are those of us who know that a country can’t move forward if it goes back to the days when folks had to learn how to work the mule and the plow in the field while carrying a large potato sack on their backs.

We’re in the days of high tech technology, not the days of the mule and the plow.

Therefore, it’s only reasonable that our thinking about relationships is modernize as well.

Rep. Susan Contineco, who is one of the bill’s sponsors, understands that our thinking and interactions with each other needs to expand beyond the days when Abraham saw that ram in the bush.

“We want to make sure kids understand that there are different relationship models beside just heterosexual-that there are people who are lesbian, gay and bisexual,” is what Contineco told Channel 9News.

She’s right. Children need to know there’s nothing wrong with Ms. Jerry liking Mr. Larry. That’s what some grown folks do. It doesn’t mean lil’ Chris has to grow up and date lil’ Mike. All folks are saying is to just be respectful.

Having said all of that, y’all parents need to teach y’all’s children about sex because it’s a lot of Mary Kay Letourneaus running around in these schools and a lot of nasty folks in these churches who use that bible to do that Jerry Sandusky nasty mess.

The thing these children need to know is that nobody needs to be seeing their “personals.”

Most importantly, y’all need to teach y’all’s children that they don’t need to grow up and start making people they can’t feed.

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