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Former Florida Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll has forgotten how Florida Gov. Rick Scott supported her during her former staffer's lawsuit
by Nathan'ette Burdine: June 15, 2014

Former Florida Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll has forgotten how Florida Governor Rick Scott supported her during her former spokeswoman’s, Carletha Cole, wrongful termination lawsuit and Carroll’s brother-in-law’s, Edward Beckles, arrest for Healthcare fraud.

Carroll took to the airways to voice her regret for serving as an unwilling accomplice in what she considers is Gov. Scott’s “good ol boy, good ol girl” system.

The Tampa Bay Times reported that during an appearance on WMEL’s Seeta and Friends, Carroll told Seeta Begui that Scott didn’t give her the same support as he did his former chief-of-staff, Adam Hollingsworth, who was caught lying about having a college degree.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Carroll told Begui that she had “no wrongdoing,” and yet Scott found a reason to get rid of her. Unfortunately for Carroll, there were also allegations about her “wrongdoing.”

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Cole alleged that Carroll fired her after she, Cole, walked in on Carroll and her Travel aide, Beatriz Ramos, doing the “do” on Carroll’s desk.

Both Carroll and Ramos deny the allegations. Carroll also came under fire after her brother-in-law was arrested for running a pill mill in New Port Richey, FL.

During both incidents, Scott stood by Carroll. Scott praised Carroll for the work she was doing, and he told WFSU that he wasn’t taking her off the campaign ticket.

It wasn’t until after it became known that Carroll had links to Allied Veterans of the World, a non-charitable organization with members who’ve been charged with running an illegal gambling operation, that Scott cut her loose.

Yet, despite Scott using the “good ole boy, good ole girl” system to protect her from the previous allegations of “wrongdoing,” Carroll says the governor never gave her the same level of respect that he gave to others.

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