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George W Bush said what we're all thinking
about Donald Trump
by Nathan'ette Burdine: March 31, 2017

Former President George W. Bush reportedly said what we all can’t stop thinking about Donald Trump (Street Corner Donald, Trumpster, The Donald).

Yashar Ali of the New York Magazine wrote that three people heard the former president say about Trump’s inauguration speech, “That was some weird shit.”

Ever since he officially became president, Street Corner Donald has done nothing but keep up “some weird shit.”

Street Corner Donald has kept up so much shit that his new name is the Shit Starter in Chief (SSIC). From his complaining about crowd sizes, false wiretapping claims, shadiness surrounding Russia, to his nepotism involving his daughter and her husband, shit is what Street Corner Donald has kept up.

The former president, however, is taking the old hush, hush means yes approach to the matter, while Street Corner Donald is more than likely waiting for the weekend to tweet about it.

And I can just see the tweet now, “Oh, Bush, the man who brought us 9/11 and “wiretapping” Obama. He called my #inauguration speech ‘weird shit.’ Iraq War #weird shit.”

Next tweet, “’Weird shit’ is the Iraq War. ‘Weird Shit’ is having ‘Low Energy Jeb’ as your brother. ‘Weird Shit’ is being the reason why we had our first Kenyan President in America. #Weird Shit.”

And another one, “This coming from the man who’s responsible for 9/11, who gave us Muslims in Iraq, who drove the housing market down into the ground, and who made Americans lose their jobs.”

The last tweet, “It’s been nothing but ‘Jobs, Jobs, Jobs’ since I’ve been president. But Bush, yeah, like his ‘no energy’ brother, he’s odd, odd, odd. #Lowlife losers.”

Yep, “weird shit,” is what we, the American people, are going through with Street Corner Donald as the “acting” president of these great United States.

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