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Hawaiin golfers don't mind playing golf while Kilauea volcano is filling the air with ash and smoke
by Nathan'ette Burdine: May 20, 2018

Some folks in Hawaii aren’t paying any never mind to all of the ash, smoke, and lava the Kilaeua volcano is spitting out.

In fact, some folks are just so “eh” about the whole situation that they look at the ash and smoke the same way they look at the clouds and sun.

They just see the ash and smoke as something that is a part of their normal day.

That’s why some folks have decided that it’s all right for them to go outside and play golf while there’s ash raining from the sky, smoke blanketing the clouds, toxic gas flowing in the air, and lava flooding the streets.

The “some folks” I’m referring to are golfers. They have on their little shorts, Hawaiian shirts, flip flops, and their golf clubs in their hands. They’re all smiles and giggles.

However, the authorities have told these folks who love to play golf with ash raining from the sky to put on one of those 18,000 masks the authorities have handed out.

The authorities have let these humans know that if they don’t want to end up in the hospital or worse yet, Caddyshack dead on the golf course, then they better put a mask on and get out of the volcano zone.

And I can guarantee you that it won’t be a chili dog that causes their deaths.

It will be all of that ash and smoke they’re breathing into their lungs. And yes folks, you breath too much ash and smoke into your lungs you will choke to death.

That’s why the firefighters wear those masks. It keeps all of that smoke out of their lungs.

That ash and smoke will cut off your oxygen supply. But those golfers were like, “Eh, we can take it.”

Yeah, but they won’t be taking it for too long. Take for instance the one The fella who was sitting on his balcony and got his leg jacked up after the hot lava popped up and hit him on his leg.

He’s all jacked up. The BBC quoted a spokeswoman from the mayor’s office as saying about the poor fella, “It (the lava) hit him on the shin and shattered everything there down on his leg.”

And keep in mind folks, not only is that lava hot but it is also as heavy as a  refrigerator.

Yup, that lava will jack you up like it did that fella sitting on his balcony.

So yeah, those folks can continue playing golf if they want to. If some of that lava decides to do to those golfers what it did to that poor fella sitting on his balcony, they won’t be playing golf for too long.

Take it from me, when Mother Nature is working it’s best to get out of her way!

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