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Hawaiians have to deal with earthquakes and volcano lava pouring over onto the streets
by Nathan'ette Burdine: May 9, 2018

Hawaiians are having a rough week. Earthquakes have shaken the ground and volcano lava is spilling out and over onto the streets.

There were two earthquakes that hit the island last Friday. An earthquake coming in at 5.6 magnitude hit the Kilauea Volcano.

The 5.6 magnitude hit was so powerful that it shook the volcano enough to cause it to spit out a flood of lava that poured out onto the streets, consuming everything in its path from plants, fences, cars, to houses.

Before I continue, the second earthquake measured at 6.9 magnitude. It caused several small tsunamis out in the Pacific Ocean. And oh yeah, no one was hurt.

Now that all of that is out of the way, back to all of this lava spilling out onto the roads.

The folks over at Khon 2 reported that the lava from the Kilauea Volcano has consumed “36 structures” and “26 residences.”

The lava making quick due with folks’ property has caused the authorities to issue an emergency evacuation as well as a warning to all who think this is a good time to start stealing and breaking things.

I know what y’all are thinking! “Why in the world will you need to tell folks to not go out onto a lava covered road just so they can wreak havoc?”

Welp, there are just some folks who aren’t too bright and think it’s a good idea to go out onto the streets with hot, malting lava overflowing and start committing crimes.

It never crosses these humans’ minds that they may very well become barbeque before they can do their no good.

In the event that the no-gooders manage to do wrong, they need to keep in mind that stealing and breaking things for fun will get them a felony charge that can easily lead to high fines and an extended prison time.

It’s bad stuff, bad stuff, bad stuff. So just say no to crime while the lava is overflowing. And if the possibility of prison doesn’t scare y’all devils away, just think about the Hawaiian gods.

According to Hawaiian folklore, Madam Pele is the goddess of volcanoes and lava.

And y’all know how the gods are with that whole wrath thing! Whether they’re ancient Greeks, Christian, Hawaiian, or part of another religion, the gods don’t like humans to get in their way while they’re working.

Interfering in a god’s work is a good way for a god to make quick do with you. So get out of the way when Madam Pele is working.

And from what I see, she’s very busy and it may be a little while longer before her work is done.

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