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'Her' is what Tig Notaro's son calls her
by Nathan'ette Burdine: March 30, 2019

“Her” is what Tig Notaro’s son calls her. At least, that’s what she told Stephen Colbert.

During a sit down with Colbert on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (LSSC), Notaro explained an also familiar situation that at least one parent will relate to:

    “I came home alone one day and when I walked in the side door it
     said, ‘Side door, open.’ And the boys were both yelling. They call
     Stephanie mommy. And they were saying, ‘Mommy’s home,
     mommy’s home. Yeah, mommy’s home!’ And I came around the
     corner and my son Finn look back at me and then he turned to son
     Max and he said, ‘It’s just her.’”

Lil’ Man Finn and Quiet Max are two-years old. And like all two-year-olds, Lil’ Man Finn and Quiet Max repeat what they hear their mommies saying.

I know…Quiet Max is quiet. But that doesn’t mean he can’t copycat what his mommy does.

Quiet Max follows “Her” lead by using silence to get both his mommies to do what he wants them to do. His non-verbal commands consist of staring, not staring, sighing, and getting up to go somewhere. That’s what he does because that’s what “She” does.

Lil’ Man Finn, on the other hand, he’s like Mommy Stephanie. They talk. Lil’ Man Finn says things like, “She bought take-out again,” and “It’s funny if you think it is.” And don’t be late to one of those kiddie puppet shows because Lil’ Man Finn will come out with something like, “The puppet show will wait for us.” Lil’ Man Finn is a lil’ sarcastic fella because Mommy Stephanie is sarcastic! That’s just them.

Now, don’t y’all go getting all ornery on me talking about, “How are you going to talk about people you don’t even know?! Oh my God, that is so not cool!”

I know humans. And the thing I know about humans is the life they create takes after them. Association brings on assimilation.

It’s no different for Lil’ Man Finn and Quiet Max. They are two and new to life.

They’re learning from “Her” and Mommy Stephanie about what is and is not right in this human world.

It’s a process. And like all processes, there’s a rough patch. Mainly Tig and her wife Stephanie are going through the terrible twos phase in this process of making sociable human beings.

The one thing I will say is that it depends upon the parents how well their children turn out. And based on what I see in Tig, I must say that I believe Lil’ Man Finn and Quiet Max will be all right.

Oh yeah, I’m also sure Lil’ Man Finn will stop calling Tig “Her” by the time he reaches the age of 35.

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