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 News Archive 2018

Here are the most important rights to
be thankful for on Constitution Day
by Nathan'ette Burdine: September 17, 2018

The Constitution is 231 years young today. And being the youth that it is, the Constitution continues to keep us going. Listed below are the best rights we continue to enjoy as a result of our 231 years young Constitution.

First Amendment Right gives us the right
to say and do what we want to do and
to be the press via social media if we like.

Cussing, we can do that!
Cussing Lady

Cheating, we can do that too!
Ashley Madison
Ashley Madison's photo

Tweeting, Facebooking,
Instagramming, and/or YouTubing
the news we can do!
Spiderman Tweeting
Got this from GIPHY

Oh, the Second Amendment. It gives
us the right to bear arms so we may
keep away those who want to do
us harm.
Elmer Fudd Bugs Bunny
The Looney Toone folks own this photo

The Fifth Amendment keeps us
from snitching on ourselves.
Dave Chappelle
This belongs to Comedy Central

The Fourteenth, Fifteenth,
Nineteenth, and Twenty-Sixth
Amendments gives us all the
right to vote. Yes they do!
A fella by the name of Jai Parker
owns this cartoon

And last, but not least, the
Fourteenth Amendment again.
It gives us the right to just be.
Man Sitting on the Beach
Becoming mini malist owns this photo

I hope y'all had a happy
Constitution Day! Cheerios!

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