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Hm-Both Brad Pitt and Robin Thicke have been accused of beating their kids
by Nathan'ette Burdine: February 10, 2017

Hm-A-listers Robin Thicke and Brad Pitt have both been accused of f-ing up their kids so to the point that the Child Protective Services folks have had to come in and investigate.

The TMZers told everybody that they had gotten a hold of some court documents. Within the court documents were statements from both Robin Thicke and his ex-wife Paula Patton.

According to the TMZers , Patton, who is the mother to she and Thicke’s son, Julian, said in a declaration to the court that her son told her that Thicke often beats and “punches” him. Thicke, of course, denies those claims.

The TMZers referenced court documents in which Thicke told the court that he just does a little “light spanking-open hand” on little Julian’s hide.

Welp, the “light spanking-open hand” on little Julian’s hide apparently put the fear of God in the little fella so that they’ve all been ordered to therapy to deal with the alleged shit-tuation.

And to make matters worse, Patton came out and said that Thicke beat her like she was a 1950s housewife. Thicke’s defense is the ol’ “she ain’t tell on me sooner.”

However, that explanation and his “light spanking-open hand” is making him look as guilty as homemade sin.

Plus, Thicke’s past admissions that his marriage to Patton consisted of him being as high as a kite and as drunk as Jack Sparrow doesn’t help him either.

Like Thicke, Pitt has been accused of kicking his kid’s ass. The kid allegedly jumped on Pitt, while they were all 10,000 feet in the sky, after Pitt allegedly bucked up at the child’s mama, Angelina Jolie.

Although Pitt didn’t have to wear a good butt whupping, he did have to endure several hours of questioning from the local, state, and federal authorities about his alleged questionable behavior.

The po’ po’ let Pitt go and decided not to charge him with child abuse. Like Thicke, the problem that Pitt has is he has also admitted to being as high as a Rastafari band and as drunk as a depressed poor man.

Pitt told Esquire that during his marriage to Jennifer Anniston he often turned to drugs and liquor for some love.

Now, I must admit, no one has said if Thicke and Pitt were high and liquored up when they allegedly wore out their children’s hides.

But-even with that not being known, it is a known fact that pills and drugs do not enhance a person’s people skills.

And the latter fact, plus the many accusations, is why Thicke and Pitt are looking like the male versions of Mama Dearest Joan Crawford.

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