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Hurricane Michael is not to be mess with
by Nathan'ette Burdine: October 10, 2018

Hurricane Michael is not a storm to be mess with. It’s a BAAADDD MUTHA that has brought its pals water, wind, and gust along with it! Michael was moving so fast that when it hit Florida Panhandle, it hit it at 155 miles per hour.

And man, I tell ya, everybody felt that hit. Michael sent glass through the cars’ windshields.

Michael uprooted trees.

Michael tore up buildings and left all kinds of debris in the streets.

Why is Michael so mad? I don’t know. Maybe he had a bad day or something and just decided to mess up everybody else’s day. It’s no telling.

It also doesn’t help that Michael is being a little extra because he’s not too happy about that 155 miles per hour speed that left him 2 miles per hour shy of the 157 miles per hour speed he needs to be a Category 5.

Suuurrreee, Michael gets the top spot for being the strongest hurricane to hit the Florida Panhandle, but Michael wants more.

That’s why he’s out there in the Gulf of Mexico, sucking up as much water as he can, sending waves up towards heaven ways

while scattering the birds, trees, and shaking up the Earth up under his feet.

Michael has brought the wrath of GOOODDD with him! Hm, I wonder if that hurricane is the Archangel Michael…hm.

Michael is expected to be hanging out, down in the South, for at least two days.

After he leaves Florida, Michael’s going up to Georgia and the Carolinas where they are still trying to regroup from Hurricane Florence.

Florence was anything but lady like. She wasn't nice at all. She left behind a lot of death and destruction.

Hopefully, Michael doesn’t end up taking folks up there to that gate where Peter is or down below there where his little brother Lucifer spends his lazy days.

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