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I think Michael Cohen's guilty plea
is why Stormy Daniels left Celebrity
Big Brother U.K.
by Nathan'ette Burdine: September 8, 2018

Hmm, Stephanie Clifford, aka Stormy (ol’ Stormy) Daniels, up and left the “Celebrity Big Brother U.K.” less than a week before Michael (Mikey Boy) Cohen pleaded guilty to doing nothing but wrong.

The folks across that water over there were like, “We don’t know why she left. She just got up and left.”

I have to say that Stormy Daniels says the only reason she left is because her baby daddy/soon to be ex-husband Glendon Crain is trying to use their young daughter in order to make Daniels do what he wants her to do.

Having said that, it doesn’t change the fact that less than a week before Cohen came out and told everybody that he done it, Daniels decided to get up and leave the “Celebrity Big Brother U.K.” show where she was going to make at $950,000.00.

Setting up a company to hide the fact he was paying ol’ Stormy there to quiet her storm about the “dry sex” she allegedly had with Donald John, Cohen did it.

Not telling the IRS that he had investments resting safely somewhere, Cohen did it.

A person would think that after Cohen stood up before your honor and confessed to doing it that Daniels would be jumping up and down, clicking her heels about the news that the man, who had called her everything but the child of God, coming out and saying that everything she had been saying was the honest truth before God.

But, unh-unh, Daniels was as quiet as an empty house. She didn’t say nothing on or off the Twitter.

Her lawyer Michael Avenatii, though, decided to put all of his two cents in it so he could get a dollar to holla.

Avenatti went on the Twitter and the CNN, chessing from one ear to other, telling Anderson Cooper and all the other CNNers that he told them so and that he knew all along that Cohen was headed to the pokey.

That Avenatii, I tell you. He just loves telling folks about his little predictions that Corner Store LeRoy will tell you about for a bag of shine.

Y’all know I ain’t lying! Hell, those of y’all who’ve been living long enough knew Cohen was going to tell!

First of all, Cohen is a lawyer. All they do is snitch. Secondly, Cohen looks like he’ll tell.

Cohen is Pigeon Johnny from Second Grade. Pigeon Johnny wore several ass whuppins during the week because he told the grown-ups about all the fuck ups the kids were going do. And that’s Cohen and Avenatti. They are both stool pigeons who grew up to be lawyers.

For her part, Daniels keeps her mouth close. But then again, women who make their money by keeping their legs open tend to keep their mouths close when it doesn’t require them to give “BJs.”

Those type of women lose their money, or worse yet, their lives if they start telling their customers’ business. They tend to keep quiet when cum is not what’s coming out of their mouths.

That’s why it’s not surprising that Stormy Daniels decided that it’s best for her to be the quiet storm with all of this whoshawjohn going on with Michael Cohen.

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