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 Double-Talking Archive 2014

Jay Kolls of channel 5 Eyewitness abc news explains why he didn't identify the man in the "finger pointing" photo
by Nathan'ette Burdine: November 30, 2014

Jay Kolls of channel 5 Eyewitness abc news said that he didn’t identify the man in the “finger pointing” photo because “law enforcement” was more concerned about Minneapolis Mayor Hodges’ judgment to engage in such behavior as flashing gang signs that are disguised as “normal finger pointing.”

Now before Kolls made this statement, he stated that law enforcement brought the “finger pointing” photo to his attention because they were concerned about the public safety and the danger that could occur from a convicted felon flashing gang signs that are associated with one of the most notorious and dangerous gangs in Minneapolis.

Kolls spoke to former police officer Michael Quinn. Quinn told Kolls that the manner in which the man in the photo is pointing his finger is “a known gang sign of one of the most violent gangs in Minneapolis and they will use this to their advantage.”

But after Kolls came under fire for reporting the story and was mocked with finger pointing photos of former President Ronald Reagan to the Budding Christ, Kolls decided to say that he didn’t post the “finger pointing” photo because of his concern over gangs but rather his concern about the mayor’s judgment.

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