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Katie McHugh got into a Twitter argument
with Seth Rogen
by Nathan'ette Burdine: June 8, 2017

Fired Breitbart reporter Katie McHugh got herself into a Twitter argument with comedian Seth Rogen.

McHugh tweeted about Rogen, “Remember when your wife publicly cucked you? Surprised your PR handler let you back on Twitter.”

McHugh’s comments come as she finds herself standing in the unemployment line due to a racist tweet about Muslims that got her the boot from Breitbart.

McHugh tweeted that London would be a safe city if there were no Muslims living there.

Instead of issuing an apology, the young lady kept running her mouth about how the Muslims are the problem and everybody else need to get off of her back for telling the “truth.”

Welp, Rogen decided he wasn’t going to get off of her back. So he tweeted, “Props to this racist lady who was fired from Breitbart for being too racist, and now she is asking for a handout because she’s unemployed.”

Here, Rogen is referring to McHugh’s tweet asking folks for their money so she can pay her rent, water, gas, lights, cable, internet, iPhone, food, medical bills, and other bills until she finds someone who will employ her.

Needless to say, McHugh didn’t like Rogen’s crack on her for being an ultra-conservative who doesn’t believe in welfare unless it applies to her welfare.

So, she decided to call Rogen a “cuck.” And as evidence of his “cuckness,” McHugh pointed to an article by fellow hater Mike Cernovich, who wrongfully claimed that Seth Rogen’s wife, Lauren Miller, wanted to let Mike Cernovich explore her “Garden of Eden.”

At the end of the day, the young lady has made herself look like a fool and her continuous disrespect of folks will do nothing but ensure that she has a longer stay in the unemployment line than what she would like to have.

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