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Les Moonves

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Les Moonves leaves Anita Hill led
commission amidst six sexual
harassment allegations against him
by Nathan'ette Burdine: August 2, 2018

Amidst six sexual harassment allegations against him, CBS CEO Les Moonves decided that he better leave the Anita Hill led commission on sexual harassment.

Moonves and several others started the commission in order to address the sexual harassment allegations against nasty Harvey Weinstein and other powerful Hollywood figures.

I know…The irony. Here this dude, Moonves, helps to start the commission that is charged with looking into the rampant sexual harassment allegations against Hollywood’s most powerful figures, and now he is being accused of being of one of those powerful figures the organization will need to look into.

I’ma just tell y’all, “I believe he did it. He looks like he did it.” Moonves is like a lot of men who grew up during the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

They knew that if they made it, became rich, then they were entitled to as much pussy as they wanted.

It doesn’t matter if the woman who owns the pussy doesn’t want them. All that matters is that they want the pussy attach to the woman who doesn’t want them.

That’s why they did things like sneak Quaaludes into a woman’s drink; like now convicted felon Bill Cosby admitted to doing. They had the casting couch, which nasty Harvey is blaming for his alleged sexual harassment and assault of the women folks.

And oh yes, let’s not forgot about Matt Lauer over at NBC and Charlie Rose over at CBS, where nasty Moonves is the CEO.

Lauer and Rose were both shown the door after several of the women folks came out and said that they used the threat of unemployment in order to persuade the women to give them some pussy.

Like the rest of these nasty muthafuckas, Moonves has been accused of using his power as the CEO of CBS to fire and hire the women folks in order to get them to give him what he was told in the 50s, 60s, and 70s that he was entitled to; which was pussy.

The New Yorker’s Ronan Farrow spoke to several women who told him that that nasty devil tried to get their good ‘n’ plenty.

Actress Ileana Douglas said one of her shows was cancelled and that CBS wouldn’t give her her money because she refused to give Moonves a taste of her honey pot.

“What happened to me was sexual assault, and then I was fired for not participating,” Douglass told Farrow.

Writer Janet Jones backed up Douglas’ claims, telling Farrow she had to push that nasty Moonves off of her when he tried to put his hand into her pocket book.

Farrow talked to several other folks, 30 to be exact, who told him that CBS was just rotten to the core.

Farrow wrote that the environment for the women folks was so bad that CBS’ executives treated sexual harassment like a job performance plus.

Men folks who got accused of trying to steal pussy were promoted, while the women folks reporting the men folks trying to steal their pussies were demoted or fired.

CBS is so nervous about all of their shit drowning out that potpourri they’ve been spraying around that they’ve hired two law firms to investigate what many folks say they knew about before Farrow told everybody else about what they knew about.

And oh yes, before I forget, in an effort to add two cherries to this already shitty mud slide cake, the CBS folks have decided to let two women lead the investigation into the sexual harassment allegations that everybody knows CBS already knew about.

The two women who are leading this emergency cleanup are former government officials Nancy Kestenbaum and Mary Jo White.

Kestenbaum use to work for the feds as a prosecutor, and White use to work for the feds as the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

CBS is playing the herd method here with this one. With the herd method, folks choose somebody from the aggrieved group to investigate allegations about the boss aggrieving somebody within the investigator’s group.

The boss is banking on the investigator saying nothing happened so that he, the boss, can use that as evidence that he doesn’t go after folks on the basis of a social identifier the aggrieved is using to identify himself/herself at the moment.

The problem with all of this is that the boss is using the very same stereotypical tactics that he was accused of using in order to justify his behavior towards the aggrieved.

In the boss’ mind, if the investigator, who is a member of the aggrieve’s group, says nothing happen then everybody else within the group will say nothing happen. It’s the herd method.

The herd goes along with whatever the lead sheep does; the investigators being the two sheeps leading the investigation into this case.

Therefore, if the women investigators named Kestenbaum and White say this wasn’t top down and is isolated to Moonves, then all the women folks and everybody else will be like, “Ok.” That’s what CBS is banking on.

As for Moonves, he’s going around telling folks that he is not the nasty devil the women folks are saying he is.

The way the alleged serial sexual nasty devil two cents good for nothing harasser puts it is that he’s done some things but the things he’s done shouldn’t undo him.

Welp, the only problem with all of that is the evidence is in the pudding. And the pudding is saying, “Six women saying you tried stealing their pussies, plus 30 people saying attempted pussy stealers were given a promotion is evidence that you like to steal pussies.”

That pudding will tell on you now.

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