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Mucinex gave its workers a call in sick script
to use after the Super Bowl
by Nathan'ette Burdine: February 21, 2018

Those folks over at Mucinex are a hoot I tell ya! During the Super Bowl, they sent out a promoted tweet telling folks what lines to use when they call in sick on Monday after the Super Bowl.

The funniest thing about this is that Mucinex is an employer. And being an employer, Mucinex more than likely had employees who called in sick after the Super Bowl.

Heck, the folks over at Mucinex probably said to themselves, “What better way to catch the no gooders than to provide them with bait to do their no good.”

Sounds genius, doesn’t it?! The only problem is that Mucinex can’t go around faulting folks for calling in to work sick after they provided them with the call in sick script line over the Twitter.

You can’t be promoting wrong and then faulting folks for doing the wrong you promoted. That’s just wrong.

Hopefully, the Mucinex folks realized this and didn’t fire any of the no gooders who used their script.

However, I kind of feel sorry for those Mucinex workers who are Philly fans and got themselves thrown in jail overnight.

Unfortunately for them, there’s no script; just a pink slip. And oh yeah, before I forget, Mucinex took time out to conduct a poll in which they asked folks how they spent their sick day.

Most of the folks, 38%, said they spent their time playing video games.  There were 31% of the folks who said they slept in all day, 21% said they chilled out, while 10% claimed they went to trumpet lessons.

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