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North Korea fires several missiles, ignoring Donald Trump's "fire" and "fury" warning
by Nathan'ette Burdine: August 29, 2017

Welp, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un isn’t fazed by President Donald Trump’s “fire” and “fury” warning.

Jong-un, who’s been more than willing to engage in a chit-chat war with Trump, has decided to put his money where his mouth is and test Trump.

So, on Saturday, the North Koreans fired three short range missiles towards the U.S. ally, Japan.

There wasn’t a peep out of Trump about Jong-un’s actions. In fact, Trump decided to turn his attention to justifying why he pardon known hater Sheriff Joe Arpaio, as well as bragging about his election win in Missouri.

Seeing that Trump was all mouth and no action, Jong-un decided that he would try Trump again.

This time, the North Koreans shot an Intermediate Range Missile over northern Japan. The missiles ended up landing into the Pacific Ocean.

Trump, who’s been busy retweeting “Angry Man” Sheriff David Clarke’s book and a photo of himself eclipsing former President Barack Obama, decided today to issue one of the same responses that he issued before about North Korea’s threats of a nuclear war with the U.S.

According to CNN, Trump said that “all options on table” for dealing with North Korea.

As folks can see from North Korea’s recent actions, Trump saying that “all options on table” is not deterring Jong-un from using the options he says he has on his table.

The good news is that if Kim Jong-un does do something extremely stupid, like blow up one of our Asian allies or hit the United States' mainland, the rogue nation will not have the world’s support and will be destroyed within a matter of seconds.

Earlier this month, all 15 members on the United Nations Security Council voted to sanction North Korea after the country conducted several nuclear tests.

Russia, which along with China voted to sanction North Korea, has warned North Korea that it should not try to test the U.N. Security Council by being dismissive of the recent sanctions.

The Associated Press quoted Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov as saying, “Regarding North Korea and the missile tests it is conducting, we stick to the resolutions of the U.N. Security Council and we insist on the fact that our North Korean neighbors should fully respect those resolutions.”

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull also voiced his concern about the matter.

He told the Australian Radio that China needs to use more of its leverage in order to keep North Korea in check.

The United Arab Emirates added its two cents as well with Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan telling the North Koreans that they need “to stop its provocations.”

But let the North Koreans tell it, they are the victims of the U.S. trying to stump them into the ground.

And therefore, according to the North Koreans, they are doing all they can do to make sure the U.S. doesn’t stump a mud hole in their asses.

Reuters quoted North Korean official Rodong Sinmun as saying, “The U.S. should know that it can neither browbeat the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) with any economic sanctions and military threats and blackmail nor make the DPRK flinch from the road chosen by itself.”

Translation-North Korea is going to keep trying the U.S. until they get the U.S. into a war with them.

Unfortunately for the North Koreans, President Donald Trump is all mouth and our generals and Congress are not going to put our country and our allies at risk because of an inexperience president.

So, if the North Koreans are thinking that the chit-chat war they have with President Donald Trump is going to goad us into a war with them, then they have another thing coming.

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