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Chabad of Poway Synagogue shooting in Poway, California;

Chabad of Poway Synagogue Shooting in Poway, California                          

One woman has died, two men
and a young girl are in stable
condition after shooting at
Chabad of Poway Synagogue
by Nathan'ette Burdine: April 27, 2019 Updated-April 28, 2019

One woman has died, two men and a young girl are in stable condition after a deadly shooting at Chabad of Poway Synagogue in Poway, California. 

Lori Gilbert Kay is the name of the woman who died during the shooting. Lori Kay was 60-years old, married to Dr. Howard Kay, and has a daughter name Hannah Kay who is attending the University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA). Nancy Lavanoni told MSNBC that Lori Kay was a "very dear friend" of hers who everyone just loved and who always bought gifts to her (Nancy Lavanoni) grandchildren.

Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein, 34-year-old Almog Peretz, and his 9-year-old niece Noya Dahan were injured and have since been released from the hospital. 

Nancy Lavanoni told MSNBC that she and her family arrived after the shooting occurred and that she saw a man chasing the suspect. She then went into the synagogue and saw, who she later learned was her “very dear friend,” receiving CPR.

According to Nancy Lavanoni, the rabbi came out the synagogue with his hand wrapped in his prayer shawl asking,“When are they coming?! When are the police coming?!”

Close to 100 people gathered at the synagogue for Passover. During the service, a 19-year-old man named John Earnest walked into the synagogue with an assault rifle and began opening fire on worshippers.

San Diego County Sheriff William Gore said an off-duty U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agent, who was attending the service, chased John Earnest down the street and shot at his vehicle.

Earnest, who was wearing a bullet proof vest, was not shot. However, the off-duty Border Patrol agent did shoot Earnest’s vehicle which prevented Earnest from fleeing the area. Based on reports from Fox News, Earnest surrendered immediately after the police arrived on the scene and surrounded his vehicle.

CNN reported that Earnest lives in San Diego which is 22 miles away from Poway. Earnest has express his hate for those of the Jewish faith, as well as other ethnic groups. It has been reported that he is a suspect in another case involving a fire at a mosque.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) 2017 report shows that the number of hate crimes against those in the Jewish community has risen by 37%. The 2018 report will be released during the fall of this year.

Poway Mayor Steve Vaus spoke during a brief press briefing outside the synagogue:

    “This is not Poway. The Poway I know come together, just as we
     did a few weeks ago, at an interfaith event. We always walk with
     our arms around each other. We will walk through this tragedy
     with our arms around each other…We will get through this. Poway
     will stay strong and we will always be a community that will care
     for one another.”

The shooting at Chabad of Poway Synagogue happened six months to the day of the deadly shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Squirrel Hill, Pennsylvania.

The shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue, which left 11 people dead, was the deadliest shooting in the nation’s history that occurred at a synagogue.

The Tree of Life congregants issued a statement in solidarity with the congregants at Chabad of Poway. The statement reads as follows:

“It was only six months ago to the day that we became members
of that tragic club of community-based shootings to which no one
wants to belong. We know first-hand the fear, anguish, and
healing process such an atrocity causes, and our hearts are with
the afflicted San Diego families and their congregation. We will
not give in to HATE. We send our love and prayers to the Chabad
families. These senseless acts of violence and prejudice must
end. Enough is enough.”

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