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Stephen Colbert and guest Ice Cube on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert;

LSSC Screenshot YouTube 

Pimp Daddy Colbert is the nickname
Ice Cube has given to Stephen Colbert
by Nathan'ette Burdine: June 20, 2019

Sir Ice Cube has given the nickname Pimp Daddy Colbert to Mister Stephen Colbert because he keeps it gangsta.

Initially, Mister Stephen Colbert was apprehensive about having such a distinguish name because he wasn’t sure if his swagger was enough to live up to the prestige associated with pimp daddies.

But Sir Ice Cube assured Mister Stephen Colbert that he has the pedigree to be a pimp daddy: “Just be yourself. Always keep it gangsta.”

The word “gangsta’” caused Mister Colbert to pause for a brief moment and ask “how does one keep it gangsta?”

Knowing that the word gangsta is not associated with the best of men, Sir Ice Cube assured Mister Colbert that the gents will not ostracize him because of his association with the word gangsta.

“It’s all about being yourself, no matter what the circumstances. No matter the noise. No matter what anybody else is saying, just be yourself. And that’s keeping it gangsta,” is what Sir Ice Cube said to Mister Stephen Colbert.

Sir Ice Cube’s assurance that “keeping it gangsta” is not about being a scourge on society but being who you are was enough to put Mister Stephen Colbert at ease.

So from henceforth, Mister Stephen Colbert shall be known as the original gangsta named Pimp Daddy Colbert!


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