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President Obama says Russia didn't do anything "fancy" when they hacked into Hillary Clinton's emails
by Nathan'ette Burdine: December 18, 2016

Earlier this week during an appearance on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” President Obama told host Trevor Noah that Russia didn’t do anything “fancy” schmancy when they hacked Hillary Clinton’s emails.

The president told Noah, “What they did here, hacking some emails and releasing them is not a particular fancy brand of espionage or propaganda.”

The president’s comment was a response to Noah’s question concerning the proper response to the Russians hacking into Clinton’s emails.

Trevor Noah pointed out that Donald Trump’s entry into the Oval Office has heightened the concern some are having about the Russian hacks and Donald Trump wanting a more open relationship with Russia.

Noah asked the president, “I think now the difference is there is a president-elect Donald Trump. Now the big question is, ‘What would be a suitable response?’ People say well this is an act towards the United States, or this is Russia undermining the very democracy that we stand on.”

President Obama stated that Russia, which was the Soviet Union over 50-years-ago, has been “hacking” into the United States’ system for quite a while.

And considering the allegations that all Russia could do was to get access to Clinton’s emails, which President Obama thought were boring, the president believes the American people shouldn’t be too concern about Russia dismantling the United States’ democracy with their “superior” knowledge.

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