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Under the Radar
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President Obama and Steven Colbert;

The White House's photo

President Obama slipped up
and called Steven Colbert "Bill"
by Nathan'ette Burdine: January 3, 2015

During a final appearance on The Colbert Report, President Obama slipped up and called Steven Colbert “Bill,” i.e. Fox News rabble rouser Bill O’Reilly, while discussing the Keystone Pipeline.

Like O’Reilly, Colbert supports the building of the Keystone Pipeline. Colbert said, “…public supports it, and the state department says it’s not going to raise the pollution in the atmosphere. You’re gonna sign that, right?”

President Obama responded that he would not make a decision about the Keystone Pipeline until the final review was complete.

Colbert, however, wanted a decision at the moment. So he again asked President Obama if he would sign the bill once it arrived on his desk.

“But when the bill comes to you, you’re going to sign it. You’re going to sign it, when the bill comes to you,” Colbert said.

It was at this point that President Obama became a little bothered by Colbert’s persistent and when he [President Obama] called Colbert “Bill.”

“But what I’ve said, but what I’ve said Bill [Crowd laughs] is I’m going to make sure that if we, if we look at this objectively we got to make sure that it’s not adding to the problem of carbon and climate change.

Because you know, these young people are going to have to live in a world where we already know that temperatures are going up and Keystone is a potential contributor of that,” said President Obama.

Noticing that he would not get an absolute “yes” from President Obama, Colbert decided to try and kill two birds with one stone.

So he suggested that President Obama use the Keystone Pipeline to create more jobs and settle the illegal immigration issue.

President Obama laughed at Colbert’s suggestion and told him, “That’s why you’re where you are and I’m where I am.”

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