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Satanic Statue;

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Religious freedom give devil
worshippers the right to protest
the Ten Commandments
by Nathan'ette Burdine: August 20, 2018

Freedom of religion is freedom of religion. And these devil worshipping folks who decided to bring the Prince of Darkness statue down to the Arkansas state capital in order to protest the presence of the 10 Commandments were doing nothing but exercising their First Amendment right to express themselves through their religion.

They’re Satanist. And Satanists are the ultimate anti-Christians. Lucifer’s followers don’t like his pappy’s, God, followers or his little brother, Jesus.

Those Satanists aren’t paying any never mind to all of that thou shalt not have any gods before God or that whole bit about not worshipping any idol statues.

To the Prince of Darkness followers, God and Jesus are bad. They like the devil because he keeps it real.

Lucifer doesn’t do all of that faith and prayer. He takes your soul and gives you what you want. Simple.

With God and Jesus, you got to do all of that praying and having faith in order for something to come through.

And then, to top all of that, you have to go through the Son in order to get to the Father.

It’s just too much work for some folks. They don’t have time for all of that. That’s why the roles with the angel who got kicked out for being too human and telling his pappy that he isn’t going to be put out by some inferior forms of matter called humans.

With ol’ Lucifer there, all a soul has to do is to give the Prince of Darkness what he wants, which is your soul, and he’ll give you whatever you want.

But like everything, there’s a catch which includes you spending a substantial amount of time in hell.

From what I’ve heard, it’s hotter than Florida in hell. There’re no beaches, no sun, just fire and brimstones and a lot of folks hollering in pain.

There’s nothing but misery, doubt, heartache, agony, pain, sadness, ignorance, foolishness, and all the bad stuff a person can think about.

It definitely isn’t a good place to be. The devil worshippers, of course, don’t want y’all focusing on any of that.

They just want to recruit y’all into their little twisted group and they can’t do that without getting rid of the competition.

And the way the Satanists are trying to get rid of the competition is by using their religious freedom to protest the Christian religion which is the antithesis of their satanic religion.

Religious freedom will help you to get rid of your religious competition.

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