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second state where
a person died from the Legionnaires outbreak
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CBS This Morning William Barr Speaking with Jan Crawford about Robert Mueller's Russian Investigation Report;
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Russian Investigation Special Counsel Robert Mueller Smiling from one ear to the other;

Not my photo

Robert Mueller won't be releasing the
Russian Investigation report next week
by Nathan'ette Burdine: February 22, 2019

It's really good news that Special Counsel Robert Mueller won't be releasing the report on the Russian Investigation early next week.

What it says is that the new attorney general, William Barr, is going to do what he told the Senate Judiciary Committee that he is going to do; which is to allow Robert Mueller to finish the investigation.

I’m sure Donald Trump isn’t happy about William Barr allowing Robert Mueller to complete the investigation that has been a thorn in Donald Trump’s side for two years now.

It was just yesterday, after all, that Trump was singing Barr’s praises. Trump sat, confidently, there in the Oval Office, certain that the investigation that has him walking on pins and needles will soon come to an end.

I mean, Trump was so happy about the Russian Investigation coming to an end that he used the also familiar words of “good man” and “right thing” to describe the new attorney general who he, Trump, believes would act on his behalf.

Welp, things are different now. The “good man” who Trump thought would do the “right thing” is allowing the “Witch Hunt,” as Trump likes to call the Russian Investigation, to go on.

And knowing how Trump is, he’ll use this weekend to go on a Twitter rant whereby he whines about how Barr is treating him so unfairly.

    “Lying Low Bar William Barr is a Bush man who begged me for a
     job. He couldn’t support his family and needed the work. I said
     ok. He promised me this Russian thing would go away and yet it’s
     here to stay. Lying Low Bar William Barr is officially now one of
     the witches in the “WITCH HUNT” OF YOURS TRULY, ME, DONALD
     TRUMP! Sad.”

That’s what Donald Trump will more than likely tweet this weekend.

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