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Roger Stone tells his buddy Jack Posobiec
that he didn't do anything wrong on Twitter
by Nathan'ette Burdine: October 28, 2017

Jack Posobiec tweeted that his buddy Roger Stone told him he didn’t do anything wrong to get his Twitter account suspended.

Posobiec quoted Stones as saying, “I have reviewed my CNN tweets, but I have not found anything incorrect with them.”

Stone also told his buddy Posobiec that his account would be backup in three hours.

Welp, three hours has passed and Stone’s account has not been re-activated.

Now, I believe Roger Stone when he says he doesn’t believe he did anything wrong when he tweeted that CNN is filled with shit and his calling Don Lemon, Anna Navarro, and Carl Bernstein everything but the child of God.

Oh yeah, Stone also took time to bad mouth New York Times columnist Charles Blow and conservative Bill Kristol.

In Roger Stone’s mind, he was telling the truth. The only problem is Stone calling folks who work at CNN “human excrement,” his calling Don Lemon a “covsucker,” and saying that Anna Navarro is a “dumbfuck” is not in line with Twitter’s no harassment policy.

And as y’all can see by Stone’s mis-spelling of cock-sucker, he was madder than a preacher looking at an empty collection plate on Sunday morning.

Y’all know I’m not lying. Folks are madder than a muthafucka at yo’ ass when they can’t talk and/or spell right.

And Roger Stone was one mad so and so on Friday. He was mad because CNN reported that Robert Mueller filed charges against somebody in Trump’s crew.

Stone, like his buddy Posobiec, is an avid Trump supporter. I mean, they’re all on Trump’s tip. They can’t get off of it. So, when they here bad news about Trump, they go off. Talking about big daddy Don is like talking about somebody’s woman. A fight will ensue.

Don Lemon writing that letter, telling big daddy Don that he wasn’t being presidential in the way Lemon believes 45 is treating Sgt. La David Johnson’s pregnant widow, Myeshia Johnson, plus CNN telling everybody that somebody in Trump’s crew is going to federal prison was just too much for ol’ Stone there bear.

Stone got on the Twitter late Friday night and told folks off. Mind you, I understand that Stone is an old man. He just turn 65, two months ago. As folks know, ol’ folks are set in their ways and they think their long life span gives them a right to speak or tweet their minds.

Having said that, it is also true that Stone should’ve been more considerate of the circumstances surrounding Lemon and CNN.

After Don Lemon wrote his passionate letter to President Donald Trump, he received several death threats.

According to TMZ, some human with a white nationalist profile became so mad that an educated black man like Lemon would let folks know he could indeed read, write, and comprehend that he, the white nationalist, decided to threaten Lemon.

Welp, this led to Lemon filing an aggravated harassment complaint with the New York Police Department (NYPD).

TMZ reported that the white nationalist calling Lemon a “fucking nigger” and telling him “can’t wait to stab your neck” has led the NYPD to label this as a hate crime.

So when you take the racist death threat tweets, that pizzagate fella who got himself hit with several felony charges, and just all this hate, Twitter had no other choice but to tell Roger Stone “deuces.”

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