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Rudy Giuliani-I'm still learning
by Nathan'ette Burdine: May 6, 2018

Rudy Giuliani agrees with Donald Trump that he is learning on the job. Or, as Giuliani put it to George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s “This Week,” “I’m still learning.”

Now…this reasoning for all of Giuliani’s just nuh-uhs this week would be understandable if he was a freshman lawyer and politician. But he isn’t! Giuliani has been lawyering and politicking longer than I’ve been living. He knows how the game goes.

During his time as the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Giuliani’s prosecution of top mafia bosses , like Anthony (Fat Tony) Salerno, helped to sky rocket him onto the national stage.

In fact, Giuliani’s prosecution of the mob helped to place him in a position to run as New York City’s crime fighting mayoral candidate in New York City.

Without his prosecution of the mafia plus New York City’s high crime rate, Giuliani most likely would’ve ended up out of the spotlight and into the dark abyss of a big law firm where he would’ve been reduced to memories of days long past.

So yeah, fighting crime has been the rocket fuel that propelled Giuliani’s political career.

Giuliani’s time as a federal prosecutor and mayor has given him the insight into knowing how these folks work.

The way these folks, mafia bosses, work is to have somebody else do the dirty work. As long as they aren’t caught getting their hands dirty, they are all right.

That’s why the government has the RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) laws so they can catch the bosses.

You can’t be going around here committing crimes, making a whole bunch of dimes, and not paying the government taxes.

That’s a sure way to make sure your behind does a lot of time. And if y’all are thinking about Donald Trump, then y’all are right.

It’s the reason he won’t release those tax returns and his lawyer/wanna be mobster consigliere, Michael Cohen, knows this.

Cohen knows about more than the Stormy Daniels situation that is increasingly looking like campaign finance fraud, bank fraud, and tax fraud all at the same time.

Cohen knows about the defunct Trump University and the “real” reason why Trump decided to pay out $25 million to former students who said they were defrauded.

Cohen knows about the deals with those shady Russians and all of those bounced checks that Donald John had to find a way to stop bouncing. Cohen knows. And Rudy knows Cohen knows. That’s why Rudy said Cohen’s job was to , “Make problems go away.”

That right there is something mob bosses will often say. “Make that go away. Make sure Sammy is sleeping with the fishes.”

Sammy has to sleep “with the fishes” because he’s a rat who has told a little too much to the Feds that will be damaging to the boss’ income.

All of that drug dealing, stealing, hooking, liquor selling, and gambling brings in a lot of money under the table that the boss doesn’t want the Feds to know about.

Rudy knows that Cohen knows about the money ol’ Donald John has gotten under the table that he should have placed on the table so they Feds would know about it. Mm-hmm. Heck, that’s why Cohen’s pleaded the Fifth.

And y’all remember what ol’ Donald John said about folks pleading the Fifth? “You plead the Fifth when you’re guilty,” is what ol’ Donald John said.

I must say this, “folks tend to plead the Fifth when they are guilty of helping a guilty person. They don’t want to implicate themselves in the crime the target has committed.”

In fact, ol’ Rudy there made this point to Stephanopoulos. Giuliani told Stephanopoulos, “I’m going to walk him into a prosecution for perjury, like Marth Stewart did.”

Now ask y’all’s selves this, “How can you walk somebody into a lie, if he hasn’t told a lie?!”

Nobody can walk you into something that doesn’t exist. Ol’ Rudy knows this because he’s not new to this game.

Just like he was able to get big time mob bosses convicted on the evidence alone, Rudy Giuliani knows that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has enough evidence to convict Trump.

Therefore, Trump will be walking into a perjury trap because the net to catch him in a lie is already there.

And Rudy Giuliani knows that net is there because he’s used the same net on criminals who were as guilty as homemade sin.

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