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Rudy Giuliani-Yeah every porn person can't
be a star
by Nathan'ette Burdine: June 8, 2018

Ru-dy Giu-li-ani (Rudy Rude) knows which porn stars are porn stars. With a little slip of the tongue, he let this cat out of the bag during his visit to Israel this week.

This is what ol’ Rudy Rude said, “Stormy, Stormy the porn star. Yeah every porn person can’t be a star. I never heard of her before.”

Inquiring minds will want to know how is it that Giuliani knows which porn stars are stars to the point that he would have heard of them before?

He wouldn’t be able to tell which porn stars are stars if he hadn’t seen their body of work.

Giuliani, of course, would say, “Now I don’t really look at porn…please get that down.”

However, not “really” looking “at porn” doesn’t mean Giuliani doesn’t look at porn.

It just means he doesn’t “really look at porn” as much as some other folks who have a special discount at their local porn stores.

But y’all see, folks who go into the porn store without any disguises get discounts.

And I think this is what this is really about. I think Giuliani wears a Mr. Potato Head disguise whenever he buys his porn.

And the folks behind the porn counter, doing the porn checkout can’t identify Giuliani. So, they don’t give him a discount.

The porn checkout folks also can’t identify him by his name on the credit card because he pays for his porn in cash.

It’s the safest way to pay for porn if you’re a famous public figure. That’s what I think that is.

I think Rudy Giuliani is really mad because he can’t get a discount on the Stormy Daniels’ porn collection that he wants.

And that cheap porn stash that Rudy Giuliani has been forced to buy at his local porn store has opened his little eyes up to the fact that “not every porn person is a star” in the porn industry.

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