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Will Ferrell Jason SNL I;

Will Ferrell Jason SNL NBC SNL screenshot 

SNL's Jason is that guy
by Nathan'ette Burdine: January 29, 2018

How many of y’all saw Will Ferrell on Saturday Night Live?! I did! And although I always love his George W. Bush skits, my favorite was the one about the dude named Jason.

Jason is that guy. Y’all know, that stiff, uppity guy who thinks everybody wakes up in the morning and has a bagel with cream cheese filling for breakfast.

Jason has never met a poor person. He doesn’t know what a poor person looks like, how they dress, what they like to eat, or what they like to do.

So when Jason headed down South and stopped at a Cracker Barrel restaurant, it was an experience.

Jason, being Jason, just had to tell everybody at work about it. “Time out, I have a story about the South and Its foods…I’m taking a road trip and we stop at a Crate and Barrel. And I tell the waitress, ‘Hey, I’m on a diet, is there anything on the menu you’d suggest’ And she’s like, ‘Sugar pie, you’re at Crate and Barrel, even our menus have butter all over them.’” Jason said.

You and I know that Crate and Barrel is a furniture store, but Jason doesn’t. Jason said he thought he was at Crate and Barrel, not Cracker Barrel, because he saw that the restaurant had “crates and barrels for their décor.”

But y’all see, I won’t be so hard on ol’ Jason there. I understand why he got confused.

Jason has money and folks with money don’t run into folks without money everyday.

And whenever these folks with money leave the North and go down South they always end up at places that reinforce their views of Southern folks.

They can’t help it. It’s subconscious and they just do it. It’s kind of like you see somebody good looking and you want to help him/her out, but you don’t do the same for an ugly muthafucka.

That’s how it is. It’s subconscious. Go ahead and watch the video down below of Will Ferrell as ol’ Jason there. It’s funny!

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