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Jim Carrey Facebook;
Jim Carrey got rid of his Facebook stock and account
SYFY Happy;
Happy is renewed for a 2nd season!!!
Will Ferrell Jason SNL I;
SNL's Jason is that guy

James Corden Samuel L Jackson;

Sam L Jackson The Late Late Show with James Corden YouTube Screenshot 

Samuel L Jackson beat James
Corden in the Drop the Mic contest
by Nathan'ette Burdine: August 18, 2017

Samuel L. Jackson (Sam L) engaged in a little friendly verse battle with James Corden (J Co).

On paper, a person can easily be convinced that the comedian, Corden, would quickly make do with the actor, Jackson.

However, Jackson isn’t a regular actor. He’s Samuel L. Jackson, a man from the South.

And one of the least talked about skills that Southerners have is the ability to think quick on our feet. You know, something comedians must do.

Take a gander down below to watch Sam L as he leaves J Co speechless.

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