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Somebody at Yahoo Finance really doesn't like Donald Trump
by Nathan'ette Burdine: January 13, 2017

Somebody over there at Yahoo Finance really doesn’t like Donald Trump (Street Corner Donald).

Now folks, y’all know somebody is pissing hot mad when he or she starts calling a person out of his or her name.

Instead of Bobby being called Bobby, he’s called that muthafucka over there. Kim isn’t Kim, but she is a nasty bitch.

In the case of Street Corner Donald, the person over at Yahoo Finance who tweeted this, “Trump wants a much nigger navy: Here’s how much it’ll cost,” was so pissing hot mad with Donald Trump that he or she decided to use one of the worst words in the English language in order to describe what Street Corner Donald wants to do with the navy.

There are those who are trying to explain this away by pointing out that the b and the n are next to each other on the keyboard. And therefore, the poor fella or gal who wrote “nigger” just made an “honest” mistake.

The main problem with this is that the typo error argument fails when taking into consideration the fact that the v is also next to the b on the keyboard.

The b is in between the v and the n. So if this is a typo error, why is it that the person didn’t type the v in place of the n?

He or she could’ve easily typed “Trump wants a much vigger navy” and not “Trump wants a much nigger navy.”

As I’ve said, this person more than likely typed the n and not the v because he or she couldn’t hold his or her anger towards Street Corner Donald any longer.

Street Corner Donald has pissed many people off with his muthafucka moments. He took to Twitter to threaten North Korea, piss off China, praise Wikileaks and Julian Assange for stealing emails, while all the while insinuating that our intelligence agencies are a lie as he praised Russian President Vladimir Putin.

So when looking at all of this, it is impossible to say that a person made a typo error when he or she typed that Street Corner Donald wanted a “much nigger navy.”

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