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Ted Cruz thinks Donald Trump is certifiably crazy
by Nathan'ette Burdine: April 26, 2016 

Ted Cruz thinks Donald Trump and his campaign team are certifiably crazy. Two weeks ago during the CNN Town Hall with Anderson Cooper, Cruz compared Trump and his campaign team’s behaviors to the behaviors of individuals who are being studied by students in a psychology class.

Cruz told Cooper, “You know I have to say Anderson, it is bizarre. Donald and his team, it’s almost like they are subjects in a clinical course in psychology.  They’re all sorts of different behaviors they display but one of them is projection.”

Cruz said that it is normal for Trump to point the finger at others and say they are doing him wrong when in fact he is the one in the wrong.

As evidence, Cruz pointed to Trump’s former staffer, Roger Stone, who Cruz alleges threaten to release the information of delegates who would not support Trump.

Cooper questioned if Cruz, who said that Trump was behaving like Michael Corleone, believed that Trump is using mob tactics in order to swing the nomination his way.

Cruz responded, “Well, I was very glad this morning to wake up that I didn’t find a horse’s head in my bed-Listen, I think it is grotesque to have a campaign that engages in threatening voters.  Donald Trump himself, from his own mouth, at his rallies, when they’re protesters, has told his supporters, ‘Punch that guy in the face.’”

Cooper pressed Cruz on his response. Cooper asked Cruz if he believed Trump is “encouraging violence” at his rallies and will do so at the Republican National convention.

Instead of giving a yes or no answer, Cruz repeated his earlier statement about Trump telling his supporters to “punch” those who do not agree with him.

Cruz is quoted as saying, “He stood at the podium and told his supporters, ‘Punch that guy in the face.’ And he said, ‘We’ll defend you. If you do it’ That’s not funny.”

Cruz also repeated his earlier claim that Trump’s “mob like” tactics are spilling over into other areas, like interactions with the delegates.

Cruz told Cooper, “It’s not funny when Roger Stone, who organized and put together Trump’s political campaign, is telling delegates in Cleveland we’re going to make public your hotel room so people can come and threaten and intimidate you if you dare vote against Donald Trump.”

Although Cooper noted that Stone is no longer with Trump’s campaign, Cruz dismissed that by likening Stone to the “shadow man.”

The shadow man is someone who you never see and who does his wrongdoing in the shadows.

Cruz ended his comments about Trump and his team’s behaviors by comparing them to the 1968 Democrats: “That is…you know what that is behaving like, “Democrats in `1968 Chicago.” And we’re not democrats, we’re not interested in behaving like union thugs and Donald Trump needs to learn that.”

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