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Thank God that Hidden Figures apology came before Trump's Presidential Inauguration
by Nathan'ette Burdine: February 5, 2017

Thank God Michael Keaton and Jenna Bush Hager apologized for their Hidden Figures, Fences flub before Donald Trump's (Street Corner Donald) Presidential Inauguration.

The one thing no one needed on that also funny and sad, sad day was for Street Corner Donald to use Keaton and Bush Hagar’s unh unh moment as evidence that he is the best thing that’s happen to black folks since Jesus.

Just imagine the juxtaposition of Keaton and Bush Hager’s non-apology next to the liberal minded Hollywood community protesting Street Corner Donald with “No Fascist USA” and “Donald Trump’s for the KKK” signs.

If such a thing had happened, I’m quite sure ol’ Street Corner Donald there would have made it his business to talk about how the liberals in Hollywood don’t mind protesting him for talking about the “carnage” in the inner cities and rusted out factories, while all the while not having enough respect for the “A-fri-can A-me-ri-can community” to know that “A-fri-can A-me-ri-cans” can make two different films with two different titles and two different plots.”

I can just hear Street Corner Donald now, “The liberals in Hollywood claim to be a friend of the A-fri-can A-me-ri-can com-mu-ni-ty. Yet, they don’t even know the name of the movie praising these three beautiful A-fri-can A-me-ri-can women. And I mean they were beautiful in the 60s. Man, I’ve never seen any A-fri-can A-me-ri-can women as beautiful as these women.”

At this point, Street Corner Donald would pause for the applause. After getting his applause for his line about how beautiful the “A-fri-can A-me-ri-can women” are, Street Corner Donald would then turn his attention towards the first official “A-fri-can A-me-ri-can” first lady, Michelle Obama: “Oh, maybe you Mrs. Obama. I mean, she is beautiful. Isn’t the outgoing first lady beautiful? She is. And so is Melania. Stand up Melania. Stand up Mrs. Obama. We did good Mr. President. We did good.”

And let Street Corner Donald tell it, doing good is something engrained within his very being.

Hell, when God wanted a prototype for good, He made Donald Trump. That is why Street Corner Donald knows the only difference between liberals in Hollywood and DC politicians is their location.

Because as far as Street Corner Donald is concerned, both are as dirty as a swamp possum’s hide.

Or, as Street Corner Donald, I’m about to “Drain the Swamp” would’ve put it, “But you know who didn’t do good, liberal Hollywood. Liberal Hollywood didn’t do good folks. They are no different than the DC establishment who claims to be for the people. That’s why it’s not surprising to me that liberal Hollywood wouldn’t know that the A-fri-can A-me-ri-cans in Fences are different from the A-fri-can A-me-ri-can women who helped to get Neil Armstrong to the moon. I mean, even I knew that. O-kay. I knew that.”

And what is that you ask? How is it that Street Corner Donald knew the “A-fri-can A-me-ri-cans in Fences are different from the A-fri-can A-me-ri-can women” in Hidden Figures?

Welp, Street Corner Donald would’ve explained it like this, “I mean, I know A-fri-can A-me-ri-cans. O-kay. I know Omarosa and Ben Carson and I know they are not the same. Alright. Omarosa is a she and Ben Carson is a he. Omarosa got fired off of Celebrity Apprentice and Ben Carson quit his job as a doc-tor, o-kay. In fact, Ben Carson’s wife, Katrina Pierson, was my campaign spokeswoman.”

Mm-hmm, that’s how that would’ve gone.

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