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Ha, I'm just being silly! The Honey Nut Cheerios bee caused the bee swarm around the hot dog stand in NYC
by Nathan'ette Burdine: September 10, 2018

It was a beautiful, sunny day in New York City. The humans were taking in the surroundings.

The dogs were barking up a storm about some kids not throwing them the ball.

And the birds were having their daily choir practice. The bees heard about all of the good goings on and decided to come on by.

While they were buzzing around, they spotted a hot dog stand. There were plain dogs, classic American dogs, and chili dogs.

The look and smell of all of the dogs got the bees to buzzing. With their queen in tow, they all swarmed on over to the hot dog stand.

Lo and behold, who did they find once they arrived; none other than the famous Honey Nut Cheerios.

Beeing the bee diva that he is, Honey Nuts told the hot dog stand man that he wanted a Chicago dog with all of the trimmings; the mustard, the pickle, the relish, the onions, the peppers, the tomato, the poppy seed bun, and most importantly the big juicy beefy frank.

Oh boy! That stung the queen and her hive in all the wrong places. Here, Honey Nuts is, a New York bred bee, getting a Chicago dog! How dare he! And right in front of the queen!

When they called him out on it, Honey Nuts told all of the other bees to buzz off because they weren’t as important as him.

Welp, that caused a whole bunch of cussing that stung Honey Nuts in all the wrong places. Golbee called Honey Nuts an SOB and a Muthaf&*er.

Airplane Bee told Honey Nuts that the only reason why he’s famous is because he couldn’t make it as a bee.

Even the queen added her two cents to it. The queen told Honey Nuts, “I don’t know why you call yourself Honey Nuts considering the fact that you can’t produce enough honey to dip your microscopic nuts in.”

That did it for Honey Nuts. Honey Nuts hauled off and told the queen that the real reason she doesn’t have a king is because she’s so mean to the point that a man can’t keep up his sting.

Honey Nuts then turned around and told the other bees that the humans would soon replace them with metallic bees who could make better honey than them.

And as to be expected, all hell broke loose after that. A fight ensued and spilled over onto the hot dog stand.

The humans and dogs got to running and the birds got to flying out of there.

Beeing the famous bee that he is, Honey Nuts also got out of dodge, leaving his bodyguards to do the fighting for him.

Honey Nuts’ bodyguards, however, got bee down because they were outnumbered.

Hahaha, get it; bee down?!

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