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The Press to Hillary Clinton-Come and talk to me
by Nathan'ette Burdine: May 27, 2015

When it comes to Hillary Clinton, the press sounds like a love stricken boy who can’t get the popular girl to come and talk to him.

They have tried every tactic in the book that a young teenage boy would use like ignoring her, talking to the girl on the side (the Republicans), to talking about her.

And in every instance, the tactic did not work. Being the “it” woman that she is, Clinton has several options.

In particular, her favorite option is the voters. They are Clinton’s one and only. The former First Lady/Secretary of State learned her lesson from the last election and has decided to remain faithful to the voters and to not cheat on them with the press.

This of course is not going over so good with the press who desperately needs Clinton’s attention in order to survive.

Without her, there is no press. There is no glitz and glam that will make them the envy of all the young gents in the room.

Without Clinton, the press is reduced to being nothing more than a bleak and bland news organization whose only job is to report the news.

And the press doesn’t want to report the news. The press wants to become the news and Clinton helps them to do just that.

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